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I have a noisy or quiet line

If your phone line is noisy or faint, it could mean there is a fault with your handset, the line or the number you're calling. Try the below steps to resolve the issue: 

To work out the source of your faulty phone line, try calling another number. If the problem stops, then there's probably an issue with the recipient’s phone. If the noise/faint line is still there, then the problem is at your end. Move on to the steps below to identify your problem.


Make sure your phone cables are secure and properly connected. If you've recently made any changes to your phone, router or TV box setup, try reversing them. If this fixes the issue, then simply add your devices back in, one at a time, and make test calls to your landline after you add each one. This will help you identify which piece of equipment is causing the issue.


Most properties have a main phone socket where the telephone line enters the building. To find out whether the issue is being caused by something within your home, try disconnecting all other devices (including microfilters) to leave only your phone connected directly to the main phone socket.

Some types of main phone sockets also have a test socket underneath the faceplate. If you have one, you should plug your phone into your test socket to see if the problem continues. If it does, there could be an issue with the phone line outside of your home. If it doesn't, you might have a problem with your internal wiring.


If you are using a cordless handset, try using a corded handset to see if your phone is the issue.