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Network coverage

Our partnership with Vodafone means you can use your TalkTalk Mobile across 99% of the UK. 

You can use Vodafone's network status checker to view the current coverage in your area, as well as up-to-date information on any changes which may impact your service.


different types of coverage

2G - is fine for calls and texts.

3G - uses technology which gives you internet connection where coverage allows. Vodafone are switching off their 3G network during 2023. For more information on how this could affect you, check out our Vodafone 3G switch off article. The Vodafone website has more information on their switch off plan and will be updated when more areas are announced throughout the year.

4G - makes surfing the web or downloading apps much quicker on a mobile. The speed can be closer to what you get at home with broadband. You can enjoy this faster speed with a 4G compatibility handset.