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Vodafone 3G switch off

As part of their continued enhancement and improvement to the network, Vodafone have  started to switch off their 3G service. The network will continue to work as you currently use it for calls and texts, however this change will affect the way you access and use mobile data. This will ensure customers can benefit from the best possible connection in the future. As we partner with Vodafone to run our TalkTalk Mobile service, this will impact some of our customers.

The 2G network will still remain and can be used for calls, texts and data, but you’ll get a better connection for mobile data by switching to a 4G compatible mobile phone. 


Vodafone will be switching off its 3G signal across the UK throughout 2023. The Vodafone website has more information on their plan and will be updated when more areas are announced throughout the year. 


If you've ever seen a 4G symbol displayed next to your signal bars, this is a good indication you have a 4G compatible handset. If you've never seen this or want to make sure, you can easily check on the Vodafone website on their device guides page.

If you have a 3G compatible phone, you’ll use 2G when in an area where 3G has been removed. You’ll still be able to send texts and make calls, but you won’t be able to access mobile data in these areas unless you have a 4G phone.

If you use data regularly, you may want to consider buying a 4G compatible phone that will use the 4G signal for data.


We no longer offer handset upgrades with TalkTalk Mobile. If your device is not 4G compatible and you want to use mobile data regularly, then you may want to purchase an un-locked SIM-free phone. This could be from a high street or online retailer. Your existing SIM card should simply go inside the new phone. Your mobile number and billing information will be unaffected. Just make sure it's 4G compatible.

If you find your new device takes a different size SIM card, we'll replace it for you. Please see TalkTalk Mobile SIM swap for more information.


You can use Vodafone's network status checker to view the current coverage in your area, as well as up-to-date information on any changes which may impact your service. 


If you decide to move to a new provider to upgrade your device, you can easily keep your mobile number. Please see Cancel your TalkTalk Mobile service for more information.