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TalkTalk Mobile SIM swap

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If you're an existing customer and have changed your phone you may find it requires a different size SIM card. 

Please follow these simple steps to help get your phone up and running:

Step 1

Check which SIM card you need for your phone. You can normally find this out by looking at the instruction manual that came with the phone or on the manufacturers website. If you're not sure, you can also use the measurements below to help.

SIM sizes


Step 2 

Please contact us to place an order for a replacement SIM card. 

Step 3

Your replacement SIM card will be delivered within 5 days via Yodel. When you've received your new, SIM please visit My Account or contact us . 

After you've logged into My Account you'll see a SIM swap notification at the top of the page. Follow the simple steps online to complete your SIM swap. You'll need to confirm the SIM serial number you've received like the one below.

SIM serial number


Step 4

Insert your replacement SIM into your phone. This will now be connected with your existing number. In most cases your SIM swap will be completed within a couple of minutes, however sometimes this can take up to 24 hours to complete.

If you need help swapping your SIM card please see the videos below. There is a different video for each style of SIM slot. 

Important notice

If you find some of your services are not working after completing the above steps, please reboot your device and try again. For any other problems please see Faulty mobile.


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