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Problems using CallSafe

If you're experiencing issues when using CallSafe you may find it useful to take a look at the below instructions to try and resolve the problem.

If CallSafe isn't working make sure CallSafe is switched on by dialling 1 4 7 2 and pressing 1. If your handset has an inbuilt screening service, make sure it's switched off.


If someone you know tries to call you and can’t get through, you may have added them to your Blocked List. You can edit your Blocked List in My Account.
If someone is trying to call you from their mobile, and they're not on your Approved List, they need to be ready for screening. They will only have 9 seconds to record their name and press the # button, so they should make sure their phone's keypad is up on screen.


If you see the following error message: "We are unable to carry out this action due to a technical issue. Please try again or contact us." when adding a number, it's probably for one of these reasons:

  • The number you're trying to add is already in your Approved or Blocked List
  • There are some important callers, such as emergency services, that we've added to a global Approved List. You can't block these callers
  • The number might be in CallSafe's database of unwanted callers. These callers are automatically blocked by default


If you reach your TalkTalk voicemail limit of 10 messages, callers will not be able to leave a new one. You can check whether your mailbox is full by dialling 1 5 7 1. To delete a message, press 3 after listening to it.



Want to know how to manage Callsafe? see How to use CallSafe