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Setting up Email in Windows mail

Before getting started, it's a good idea to test your username and password in webmail, to make sure they're correct. Use the forgotten password link on the website to reset your password if you're having any issues logging in. It's recommended that you have the latest OS version on your device, the below steps are for devices with Windows 10  but don't worry we've got steps for older versions covered.

Before changing your settings, we recommend that you back up your email data files on your device. For more information on how to do this check  your software/app provider for instructions. Our recommendation is to use IMAP rather than POP3 settings, as this will ensure a copy of your emails is retained on our Mail server, as well as on your local device. 

Check your settings

Check out our steps  to confirm if your email settings are correct .


Check your settings

adding mail account

Here are steps to add your mail account to your device  for the first time.


Add mail account


Other versions?

We've added setup instructions for older versions , just select from these for steps to set up your mail account.

  1. Open Outlook and select File
  2. Select Add account
  3. Add your email address and select Connect
  4. Enter your password and select Connect  
    If Outlook cannot detect your settings automatically, please select IMAP then enter the settings below
    Incoming mail: - 993 - SSL/TLS
    Outgoing mail: - 587 - SSL/TLS
  5. Select Done
    Your email account is now set up, however you'll need to add an additional setting to make sure all emails are delivered to the correct.
  6. Go to File again
  7. Go to Account name and Sync settings
    Select the email you want to check the settings for in the drop-down bar at the top of the screen
    Select Account Settings
    Select Account Name and Sync Settings in the drop down menu that appears
  8. Under Folder settings, type in INBOX as the Root folder path, all in capitals and select Next to save your settings
  9. Select Done and go to your inbox, here you can see that all folder are on the same level as your inbox.


  1. Open the Mail icon.
  2. On the Mail Setup - Outlook window, select Email Accounts...
  3. On the Account Settings window, select the account you're trying to troubleshoot and select Change.
  4. On the Change Account window, check the Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server settings . If it's different, update the settings.
  5. Under Logon Information, verify you're using the correct User Name and Password associated with your email account.
  6. Select  More Settings...
  7. On the Internet Email Settings window, select the Advanced tab.
  8. Under Server Port Numbers, compare the Incoming server (IMAP) and Outgoing server (SMTP)  . If they don't match, manually change them. These are
    Incoming - 993
    Outgoing - 587
  9. Additionally, compare the encryption types (next to Use the following type of encrypted connection) for both Incoming and Outgoing servers as well and, if they don't match, manually change them.
  10. Select OK, and then select Test Account Settings on the Change Account window.
  11. On the Test Account Settings window, check if you have green check marks or red markers:
    • Red markers indicate some or all settings are incorrect. Check your settings and test again. 
    • Green check marks indicate a successful test. Select Close, and then select  Next and Finish


Windows 10

  1. Open Outlook and select File
  2. Use the dropdown under Account Information to select the email account you want to change
  3. Select Account Settings
  4. Select Server Settings
  5. We need to check/update the Incoming Mail section
    Set Port to 993
    Set Encryption Method to SSL/TLS
  6. Select the Outgoing Mail section
    Set Port to 587
    Set Encryption Method to STARTTLS
  7. When settings updated, select Next then Done


To get you set up with email Windows mail, we've included the steps below.

    1. Open Windows 10 Mail and select Get started
    2. Select Add account 
    3. Select Other (POP, IMAP)
    4. Enter your email account details and select Sign in
      You'll  need to enter your complete email address
      Your name as you would like  it  to appear as sender
      The password for the account
    5. Select Done



  1. Open the Windows Mail App
  2. Select Accounts from left side bar
  3. Choose the email account you want t o change
  4. Select Other Account (POP/IMAP)
  5. In the Add an Account page enter:
    • Email Address  - Your TalkTalk email address
    • Send your messages using this name  - your name
    • Password  - your email address password
  6. Select Sign In
  7. You will get an All Done message
  8. Select Done




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