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Using Privacy features

Add or remove these features at any time in My Account. To find out more, select a calling feature for more information, remember you'll need a touch-tone phone to use most of our calling features.


Anonymous Caller Reject stops you from getting calls from anyone who withholds their number. It also helps you avoid nuisance and cold calls. Learn more about how to activate/ deactivate Anonymous Caller Reject


Caller Display lets you see who's calling before you answer, as long as the number isn't withheld. Learn more about how to activate the Caller Display feature. 


CallSafe is our free security feature that helps stop unwanted callers from reaching you. Take control of your home phone by approving, blocking or screening your incoming calls. Learn more about CallSafe. For more information about managing screened callers and blocking/approving numbers, head over to How to use CallSafe. If you're experiencing problems with CallSafe, take a look at our FAQs and troubleshooting steps to help resolve the issue. 


This calling feature is the perfect way to stop nuisance callers. You can use it to block the last number to call you, or you can enter specific numbers you’d like to bar. Whenever someone tries to call you from a blocked number, they will hear a recorded message and you won't be disturbed by the call. You can block up to 100 different numbers using Last Caller Barring. Read more about Last Caller Barring


Withholding your telephone number means that whoever you’re calling won’t be able to see it. That means it won’t appear in Caller Identification or be available if they use Last Caller ID.  Read more about Withhold my telephone number


If the person you’re calling has an active service that automatically rejects anonymous calls, you won’t be able to get through. If you’d like to speak to them, try disabling this feature.

You can do this quickly by dialling 1 4 7 0 before the number you want to call.