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Stop your One Click Rip offs

First Timer
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I have just discovered that my contract was lengthened and increased in price about mid term  last August. I have checked all my emails from talk talk and could find no explanation for this. So when I managed to speak to customer servicers they explained that I had clicked on a 'one click' they had sent me via my account and authorised this myself.

The fact that I didn't want to volountarily pay more for longer for the same service, and they never told me I had done this, doesn't seem to concern talk talk. Their argument is that they send all customers this 'one click' so I urge everyone to be VERY CAREFUL with talk talk as this appeaers to be some kind of move to get a proportion of customers to accidentally agree to pay more for the same service. I can see no other explanation. It is a shame because in other respects they have been OK.


Support Team
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Hi Topdad9


Sorry that you are unhappy. 


The one click email campaign is aimed at making renewals easier, and a confirmation email is sent giving you 7 days to cancel the renewal and revert back. Did you receive that? 

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No, I made it quite clear that I have received no confirmation or other notification about this. the only way I discovered it was by visiting my online account and noticing the extended contract. I have carefully checked my email account and there was nothing from Talk Talk about this.


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Ok I suppose the only option, if you feel that you have been renewed against your will, would be to follow our complaints procedure


So you can discuss this with a complaints manager.