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Accessibility - Cognitive

We want to help TalkTalk customers with disabilities get the most out of all our services. We provide the following support for customers with a cognitive impairment:

Nominated User

Appointing a Nominated User enables someone to discuss various aspects of your account including balance enquires and call charges and able to make payments on your behalf. Your Nominated User is not liable for any charges on your account, as you remain as the Account Holder.

To request an application form you'll need to contact us once completed with your details, let your Nominated User complete their section, then send the form back to us at the address on the form.


Power of Attorney / Authority to Act

There are many reasons why you may need to appoint a Power of Attorney Nominee to manage your TalkTalk account. The most common ones are;

  • Temporary - If you're hospitalised, in poor health or out of the country
  • Permanently - If you're no longer able to manage your personal accounts
  • If you're someone who is now managing the TalkTalk account holder's affairs.


Why do we require Proof of Authority to appoint a nominee?

Due to Data Protection regulations, we have a responsibility to ensure that we're protecting your personal information, which is why we request proof of authority.


What proof do we accept?

In order to process a Power of Attorney/Authority to Act, we require you to provide the TalkTalk Account holder’s details together with the potential Power of Attorney’s information. As Power of Attorney, you won’t be liable for any charges on your account, because you’re not the named account holder, but you will be able to make decisions on behalf of the account holder. We also require one of the following:

  • - A Power of Attorney, which is Registered with the Office of the Public Guardian
  • - Solicitor’s Letter
  • - Court Order
  • - Medical Consent letter

You should only include a copy of the proof as we’re unable to return it to you.


How can a Power of Attorney / Authority to Act request be submitted?

To submit a request you'll need to get in touch using one of the options below. One of our agents will then send you a form to fill in and submit. Once we receive the completed form, we’ll update the account within 28 days. If you'd like to find out more about Power of Attorney, you can visit the government help page.


Priority Fault Repair

This is a free service for customers who rely on their TalkTalk Broadband and Telephone services for health and mobility reasons. If you're eligible, you'll get priority when you report a fault to us. The service is only available to you if your household includes someone at risk, or you have accessibility requirements such as:

  • - Home Renal Dialysis Machine
  • - Home Peritoneal Dialysis Machine
  • - Artificial Ventilator
  • - Unable to leave the house unaided due to chronic long-term illness or disability

To apply for this service contact us please note that unfortunately, we’re unable to offer this service if:

  • - Your line is supplied by another service provider
  • - You live in warden-controlled, residential nursing, care home or similar type of property
  • - The service doesn't cover alarm monitoring stations, control rooms or other types of alarm lines or installations


Further information...

Continue reading for more information about other accessibility features, if you'd like to speak with our support team head over to our contact us page


Free Directory Enquiries

We're able to provide free directory enquiries for customers who are unable to use a printed directory and the connection to the requested number. You can apply for the Free 195 Directory Enquiries by calling 08005870195 between 9AM & 4PM Monday to Friday.

Once registered, you'll be given a PIN number to start using the 195 service. The 195 team are dedicated to supporting those with accessibility requirements. 


Text Relay

The Text Relay Service provides text-to-voice and voice-to-text translation for those who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired with the aid of a relay assistant.


How to make a call

  • - To call a telephone, dial 18001 followed by the number you’d like to call
  • - To call a textphone, dial 18002 followed by the number you’d like to call
  • - To call emergency services, dial 18000 and your call will get priority

You and the person you're calling will be connected via a relay assistant. All relayed calls are confidential, and no personal information will be shared except in very specific circumstances.

We also support the Next Generation Text Relay servicehelping you communicate with anyone over the phone, using the text relay service via the NGT Lite app.


999 BSL video relay service


The 999 BSL Video Relay Service allows deaf and hearing people to communicate from separate locations via the telephone, in their own respective languages. A deaf person can use various endpoints (smart phone, tablets and web-based) to make a call to the emergency services, through a BSL (British Sign Language) interpreter appearing on their screen. A hearing operator will then receive a call from the remote BSL interpreter, who then relays the conversation by seeing and communicating with the deaf person on screen. This service is free to all users and no registration is required. For more information, please visit


Alternative Bill Formats

We can provide your bills and contracts in other formats such as large print, Braille, audio or coloured paper upon request. You can request these online in My Account or by contacting us with your account details and desired format.

  1. Log into My Account
  2. Select My Details
  3. Select My Information, My Choice
  4. Select any accessibility needs that apply to you and your preferred billing format
  5. Select Save

Your new preferences will take effect from your next billing period. 


Manage Nuisance Calls

CallSafe is our new, free security feature that works in the background to help stop unwanted callers from reaching you. Take control of your home phone by approving, blocking or screening your incoming calls:

  • - Approved and put straight through to you
  • - Blocked so that your phone doesn't ring
  • - Screened to confirm who they are

How does it work?

Dial 1 4 7 2 from your TalkTalk landline and press 1 to activate CallSafe. When managing a screened caller, CallSafe will ask you to choose one of the following options:

  • - Press 1 to accept the call and add the caller to your Approved list.
  • - Press 2 to accept the call on a one-time basis, so the caller is screened again the next time they call.
  • - Press 3 to reject the call and add the caller to your Blocked list.
  • - Hang up to end the call without putting the caller on either list.

You can manually edit your Blocked/ Approved lists and view your screened calls in My Account


Colours & Logos

TalkTalk TV gives you the choice to customise the appearance of the TV screen to make the picture work for you.


High Contrast Colours

TalkTalk TV offers an alternative high contrast colour scheme. To adjust your contrast settings follow the steps below:

  1. Press the YouView button on your remote
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Colours & Logos
  4. Select High Contrast Colours
  5. Press the OK button to switch this setting on/off


Channel Logos

If you'd prefer channel names to appear as text rather than logos in the guide or mini guide, you can turn the logos off by following the steps below:

  1. Press the YouView button on your remote
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Colours & Logos
  4. Select Channel Logos
  5. Press the OK button to switch this setting on/off



If you’re having trouble reading text on your screen then your TalkTalk TV Box’s zoom function can help. Your box is also compatible with selected USB keyboards which you can use to navigate the menus.


What can I zoom in on?

You can zoom in and enlarge the menus and notification messages on your TV screen, allowing you to have a larger view of any text. Please note, this feature doesn't work whilst you're watching programmes and you won't be able to select anything onscreen whilst zoomed in. The zoom is set to enlarge the page view by 1.33 times its original size and can't be zoomed in further than this.


How do I use zoom?

  1. Simply press the Zoom button on your TalkTalk remote control to zoom in or out
  2. Use the direction pad to move the focus of the zoom
  3. Once you've zoomed in, your TalkTalk TV Box will remember this setting even if you switch it off at the wall


Need to speak to us?

Got a problem with your TalkTalk service or want to discuss our accessibility features, click the below button to speak with our support team. For further information, you can also download a copy of our Accessibility and Vulnerable Customer Policy.

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