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Exciting News - Are you a Community Star?

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Community Stars

We are launching our official Community Star programme to help recognise and reward our members who have contributed the most to our amazing community.  Our stars will not only be here to offer their help and support but will also act as moderators to ensure our Community Guidelines are adhered to and our Community remains a fun and friendly place to be.  If you’d like to be part of this exciting new initiative here’s our selection process.  This will be made up of 2 parts.


Part 1 - anyone wanting to be a part of the scheme will need to either:


  • Nominate yourself
  • Nominate another member of the community


Here’s how to nominate…


If you are nominating a peer, you’ll need to answer the following:


  • Who are you nominating?
  • Why do you think they should be a TalkTalk Community Star?



If you are nominating yourself, you’ll need to answer the below:


  • Why do you think you would be a good Community Star?
  • When did you join the TalkTalk Community?
  • What are your fields of expertise (mobile, broadband, etc.)?


Interested? Here’s where you can nominate:



Part 2 - will be based on your contribution to the community over the past 12 months. The scheme will run on an annual basis renewing every July, where existing members will need to re-qualify to maintain membership.


So, you want to be a Community Star?


To be considered for our super user program you need to meet all of the following criteria:


  • Be an active participant who respects fellow members and adheres to our guidelines
  • Receive at least 1 peer nomination (or a nomination from yourself)
  • Registered on the community for at least 6 months
  • Over the age of 18


Each year we will identify all members who meet the above criteria and will look at their contribution over the past 2 months. This will include but not limited to:


  • Post count
  • Number of Accepted Solutions


This will help us identify the members who have added the most value.  Remember, only the most active will become a Community Star and you will need to requalify each year to maintain your star status. 


In exceptional circumstances we may invite members to join the scheme outside of the normal joining period.  This will then run alongside the usual cycle at the end of June.


We also reserve the right to remove the star status from any user who breaches the community terms of use of the super user guidelines.  We will only take this action should initial warnings not be adhered to.


A thank you from us


As a little thank you from us we’ll give you privileged access to the TalkTalk Community Team, helping your fellow community members and supporting us in evolving our products and services, you’ll also get a lifetime spot in our community Hall of Fame.  As well as exclusive access to the Community Star lounge.


Here you’ll get exclusives about new products and services as well as the chance to network with fellow stars and the community team.


Where possible we’d also like to give you…


  • The opportunity to be the first to take part in all the trials being ran by TalkTalk Labs
  • Invitation to our yearly “All Hands” conference, where you will get to meet the community team and learn about what the future holds for TalkTalk
  • Invitation to take part in overall content


If you like what you’ve read and want to be part of it then get nominating now.  Nominations for this year will close 30th June 2014.


If you want to have a chat about our exciting new programme come and join the discussion...



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Well, I have had my official acceptance email, so I guess that means I am now going to be a 'Community Star' rather than a moderator...


I shall be a little sad to see the old title go, but at the same time I look forward to getting to know my fellow Community Stars in due course - I have no idea who you are yet myself, but it was said that there was a good response to the request for nominations, so there may be a few of our regular members coming on board!


Of course being a moderator presently, I have already seen the new Community Stars private forum area, it is much like the moderators area before it, so no real changes there for me. I believe the Community Stars are also going to be able to help out with moderating posts, which I am sure will be welcomed by many in light of some of the SPAM posts we have been seeing.


For those new to the moderation role I know that will be a bit of a culture shock, the forum looks very similar for moderators as it does for normal forum members, but there are more categories, and several extra buttons or options will appear in some of the forum menus.


I think the most daunting thing to do was merge topics, or move them to another forum area! (cold sweat the first time forme lol)


Anyway, I am sure I speak for many when I say well done to those that have been successful this time, and to those that weren't, there will be other opportunities at a later time.


The forum has some wonderful contributions from many members, not just those who may have a title by their name, without the members the forum wouldnt be the helpful place it is, so a big thank you to everyone who is helping to shape the future of our forum.


Best wishes



Support Team
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Hi All


Just a reminder that nominations close on Monday 30th June so if you'd like to nominate someone there's no time to waste!


Best wishes