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New email system total rubbish - needs sorting

Conversation Starter

Ok, thanks - but can I put back the forwarding to Yahoo now, as it doesn't seem to have made any difference removing it?

Community Team

I don't see why not. If they need you to turn it off again they'll ask. 

Conversation Starter

Brendon, from Service Management Centre, left 'phone message. Sorry, I don't know number to contact him on, so please could you tell him I've checked spam folder and none of the relevant emails are there. Thanks

Community Team

Hi fedup, I've passed on your comments and asked my colleague to chase the fault ticket for you. Please let us know how you get on.

Team Player

What happens if you have done all you have said re emails not getting through and they still do not get through? So the advice is fine, if it works but not much help if it makes no difference whatsoever.


I also think all this junk we get about Russian ladies and bitcoins has something to do with the security breach TalkTalk had. I am beginning to feel a notification to the Information Commissioner's Office is on the cards due to the amount of these emails that get through to all of our addresses

Gill F
Community Team

Hi GillCF, please start your own thread. I'm afraid spam has nothing to do with any hacks it's a simple fact of email worldwide. You are of course welcome to contact the ICO but spam isn't really something they'll be interested in. If you want to see if your email details are in the hands of the dark web take a look at