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Ask us about your TalkTalk email account and Webmail.

Blocked emails

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How can i check if a particular inbound email is being blocked?


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Heads up that not receiving a particular mail message doesn't always mean it's being blocked. Sometimes it means that the sender has got your email address on a stop sending list.


You can check in your TalkTalk Mail mailbox to see if you have any Rules that may be rejecting or diverting mail messages.


For TalkTalk Support include in your Community Profile, Personal Information (here):

  • Your name, current home 'phone number. An alternative (mobile preferred) contact number.
    Full address with postcode (Location)
  • Scroll down to Private notes to add email address(es), notes and references etc
  • After checking and updating, Save changes


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your email address and password, select Sign in.


Check the  Inbox first and then check  Spam and  Trash folders for mail messages that may have been diverted from the Inbox. Bear in mind the spam and trash folders normally contain mail not older than 30 days.


Select the New email button, or pencil icon if using a mobile browser, to compose and self-send the same mailbox a mail message. Check that the message sends without error, is copied into the Sent folder and arrives in and stays in the Inbox.  That's just to check that the mailbox is working as expected.


Mail not reaching the Inbox could mean there's a Filter rule, including an Auto forward which is a special filter rule, that's diverting, discarding or blocking mail.

  • Select the Main settings menu cog icon      top right on the blue header
  • Select All settings, or if using a mobile browser it's Menu then the cog icon for Settings
  • Select Mail and scroll down to Rules
    Select the chevron icon > to see all defined Rules
    If there's no rule defined, that's perfect
  • To delete a Filter rule including any Auto forward
    select the X icon to the right of the rule
    The icon background will turn red  X
  • To confirm you really want to delete this Filter rule
    Select the blue Delete button

Let us know of any error message, or if mail did not arrive in the Inbox or disappeared from the Inbox. Collecting mail messages with a POP3 mail account or mail collection service, like Gmail, may be deleting messages from the online Inbox.


Let us know if you need further help in identifying the root cause of not receiving from a particular sender. We'll need the sender's email domain - that's the part after the @ symbol in the sending email address. If they use a mail sending service then that's usually found in the hidden email header (View Source) as the Received: from email address as received by the TalkTalk mail servers.

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