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Keeping access to emails after leaving Talk Talk

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We left Talk Talk after many years in August 2020 (from tiscali days..). The account was in my husband's name, but he never used it for email. I have a tiscali email address which I wish to keep using for a period of time. Talk Talk said we could subscribe to Talk Talk Mail Plus for £5/month. but could only do so after we had transferred to new provider. They said he would be sent an email with  a link to do so. Have heard nothing, and can't contact Talk Talk by phone now because the automated call system asks you to tap in your phone number and it no longer recognises it...... 

I only access emails on my laptop, not on my phone or other devices. My question is (a) long can I continue to do this for free without having to sign up to Mail Plus - is it 60 days, 180 days or 2 years, all periods I have seen on another forum post, or some other period; and (b) if I want to sign up for Mail Plus, how can I do it, as we got no email, can't phone Talk Talk, and there appears to be no link to do this on 'My Account'


Hope you can help!


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Hi Claire20201, as always Gondola has given you all the right information. 


Please let us know how you get on.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi Claire


Yes, spot on that I didn't give you a specific timescale because it depends on when TalkTalk send you an email inviting you to subscribe to TalkTalk Mail Plus and say if you choose not to subscribe then the mailbox will be deleted.


If you get a mail message from TalkTalk about deletion of your TalkTalk managed mailbox then deletion is after 180 days. After 60 days the mailbox has webmail only access.


So, if webmail only access is good enough you could play the waiting game and hold off from subscribing for (almost) 6 months. Bear in mind that deletion is permanent and not recoverable.


If you rejoin TalkTalk for your home broadband service then TalkTalk Mail is free for up to 5 email addresses including existing mailboxes. Any Mail Plus subscription automatically ceases when you add your mailboxes to a broadband customer MyAccount.


But if you just want a long period of time to migrate your usage away to another mail service provider then a neat workaround is to subscribe to Mail Plus for a month and call to cancel your TalkTalk Mail Plus service and you'll get 2 years of webmail only access to make sure there's that long period of opportunity to capture any contacts mailing you during that time. 

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Thanks Gondola, that is very helpful. It didn't answer the question about how long I can leave it before I have to start paying the £5/momth. I do not want to start paying this now if there is a period of time when I can still access emails without having to sign up to Mail Plus. Is the period from termination of contract 60 days, 180 days or something different?




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Hi @Claire20201 


So long as you keep using the tiscali email address and keep it active by signing in to TalkTalk Mail once every 180 days that's the first thing.


Is the tiscali email address added to your former MyAccount with TalkTalk?  The MyAccount will remain active for 12 months after leaving TalkTalk. Login to MyAccount.


Sign in and select My Services from the toolbar and then Manage TalkTalk Mail from the drop-down selector.


Here's the sign up page for MailPlus. When you enter your tiscali email address and password the system will check your eligibility for TalkTalk Mail Plus.


The response will either be that you can sign up to MailPlus (if the email address is active) or that you may be advised that the system still thinks you're a customer because the email address is registered to a (former) customer MyAccount.


If you are eligible to subscribe then just go ahead and choose a month by month or year by year subscription. You'll get a customer MyAccount to manage the mailbox and subscription billing that is by Direct Debit. Managing your email in My Account 

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