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Problems logging in to email

Salisbury John
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Talk Talk have blocked access to my email account by replacing the login page with an advert for their prize draw.   When I then go to my account as requested to enter my preferences, I enter my normal account email address and password, which are then not accepted.  I have tried this about 15 times now, without success.   I was then invited to reset my email and password.  This I attempted to do, but they said they would send a link by email to rest the password.  When I try to log in to get this link, I am again unable to do so, as the advert blocks my login page.  Talk about a 'Catch 22' situation.   In the meantime I have been unable to get my email for about 9 hours today, which must surely place Talk Talk in breach of our contract which. inter alia,is to provide me with an email service.   Hiow on earth do I get this sorted out?  PS.  No point emailing me when someone replies, for the reasons above.


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Back to normal I'm glad to say!


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Further update: I just logged out and when I tried to log back in I got to my e.mail inbox but was immediately kicked out back to the homepage.


Whizz Kid
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Update:  I had the same "win a holiday" problem this morning but checking back here and having read the hints/tips realised I now had another issue in that I had no access to the  "Manage Options" section on the Oath site. I was on to customer services for 45 mins and still no joy and we tried various methods using IE; Edge and Chrome browsers but still no "Manage Options " In the end I had to call it off as I had to go out. When I got back I tried to get to my e.mails and, low and behold, everything (so far) is working properly - no hanging of the page and no "win a bloody holiday" re-direct, just my e.mails loading as they should do. Time will tell if I have just been lucky on this occassion.


I wonder about 2 things :


1. Why no explanatory e.mail from TalkTalk informing us of what was about to happen following their further partnering with Oath?


2. Why neither of the customer service agents I spoke to yesterday mentioned anything about manging options for Oath/Aol




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...please do tell me how to get these full screens of offers... I don't see them. Not on my notebook. Not on my 'phone. Not on my tablet... I'm without offers.  Am I missing out?


I do see a banner on MyAccount under the header but it doesn't obscure anything.  I think the programmers could have made that disappear...  But I don't see anything stopping me from getting to MyAccount or TalkTalk Webmail. 

PS I do see that TalkTalk are investigating this issue as it's now reported on Service Status - Email log in - 5 mins ago


We're aware some customers are having an issue when logging in to their Webmail. Customers are presented with an advert instead of the login page, we are looking into this as a priority and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Customers can continue to use clients without issue such as Outlook & Mac Mail

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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I have just tried to check my emails from my phone and got a screen FULL  (Endless) of individual of offers to win by updating my preferences?!

It's getting worse.


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Hi all, I have the same problem, but this is not the page that has been coming up for the last few weeks, this just sits there & following the link to set preferences does nothing! I also have the same problem with my smart phone.

I am on my PC now & the competition page has been sat there for about five minutes!

Must be a problem somewhere?.

Update - I was just about to post & when I checked, the screen had changed to the one that has been coming up for the last few weeks & I have been able to log in to my emails?

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Hi all


Here's the information about the AoL / Oath preferences setting page.


If that keeps appearing every time you wish to login to webmail then it's because the browser you're using is not retaining cookies that store the AoL / Oath preferences.  The browser needs to be set to accept cookies and retain them. Private Browsing mode or the use of Ad-Blocker software or add-ons will block those cookies so if you don't want the AoL nag page to appear just follow the advice article on setting preferences which also includes the option to not be tracked by Oath or any of the Oath partners.


It's also a good idea to accept and retain TalkTalk cookies so that once you've updated your TalkTalk preferences via your MyAccount you don't get nagged about that in future.


To update TalkTalk preferences you need to log in to your MyAccount using the normal MyAccount login email address as username and the MyAccount password. If you use the wrong password then you will after multiple attempts be locked out and only able to recover via the recovery email address or mobile phone sms. Obviously if there are email account issues as well then use the mobile phone sms recovery method.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Same here. When I tried to login to my e.mails this morning I got a box saying I would be transferred to HuffMail so I quickly shut the page down. I tried again and again and sometimes I got to the loading page, but either no e.mails were loaded or on the rare times they were loaded as soon as I tried to open one or switch to a folder it kicked me back to the TalkTalk/AOL page.


I 'phoned customer service who ran some tests, and then said they had checked what they could (finding nothing) and that there was nothing else they could do unless I gave them permission to access my e.mail account. I said I would rather not do this and that I would wait and see if the situation improved. Kept on trying to login throughout the day with same problems then late afternoon I also got redirected to the "win a holiday" box. I called customer services who said they had problems with their e.mail servers and were working on them and hoped to have this back to normal "sometime tomorrow" ... i.e Tuesday 16th Oct



First Timer
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I know what you mean. From this evening I have been unable to access my talktalk e-mails from my laptop and am instead just getting the "set preferences - win a five star holiday for two" box which leads me to an AOL page and I cannot get beyond that.  It was frustrating enough to have to put up with the OATH/AOL consent page appearing each and every time I had logged into e-mails but at least I could log on. I hope they come up with a fix for this one - fast!