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An update on TalkTalk’s plans for Mobile

Community Manager - TT Staff

As some of you may have seen or read in the news today we’ve decided to review our longer term mobile plan. We’ve decided it’s the right time to pause what we’re doing on our Mobile journey and instead take a fresh look at the market and how we will future guarantee that we’re able to offer our customers the best value products and services.

In the meantime we’ll continue to maintain our current range of mobile offers, handsets and of course continue to serve our existing customers, we know you’ll have some questions about this news so here’s some FAQs:


What does this mean for existing mobile customers?

Nothing changes at all. We’ll still be able to service, upgrade and provide all mobile services we do today


Will I still be able to buy mobile packages?

Yes, you are still able to buy mobile packages


Can I still re-contract with you?

Yes, absolutely, our offers and packages are staying exactly the same


When will we hear more about the new mobile plans?

We hope to be able to share the details of our new plans later in the year



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Super Duper Contributor

Wow - Content free announcement of the year ?

Although the implication appears to be that the much publicised agreement with O2 is dead.

First Timer

im not bothered about the mobile packages so long as they are fair - but just need to know when tt will be doing multi room for tv - is it going to happen? most families rely on this nowadays - basic freeview in a kids room is not the same as channels they know from nick jr or disney, its not fair on them to not get this if a home switches to a different bband phone and tv provider, which is why so many homes are reluctantly sticking to flash brash overpriced sky who woukld prefer to be with talktalk, ee or other.....  please stephen f  can you tell talktalk bosses to get on with multi room

First Timer
Well, that doesn't really make sense when in fact it appears that you are not currently offering anything except allowing people to stay on their current package (and a notification that you are increasing the basic charges...) - Way to go to run an 'all - in - one' communications company... I assume this means that you are getting ready to be taken over, or be absorbed into another company... surprisingly the share prices are not so bad considering the issues a couple of years ago...
First Timer

What,! Talktalk putting their price's up, never, they are such a stable company, otherwise why should Hakers brake in, they only do that if a company is stable and one of the top O S'S, not a money grabing company, like some of the up and coming, money grabing, here by day gone by night companies.


Hi my name is tommy I joind talk talk over the phone on monday I was given a go live date the 12th september but today I get a message saying my go live date is now the 25th Sep why as my install date been changed can anyone help with this please as I can join sky by the 8th september 

Not applicable

Sorry @Tommy1974 you have posted in the blog section.


You need to post in the "help with your TalkTalk services", where it will be seen by a forum OCE who can then investigate your issue.

First Timer

Is there any news on when the handsets will be available again?  All the website says is in the autumn or later in the year, but there's not much of either left...

Community Manager - TT Staff

Hey @RJGreenwood we don't have any further update just yet but we'll keep you posted when we have something further to add, Thanks. 

First Timer

Didnt know Talktalk were offloading mob phones, and was transferred to O2 when I contacted them about another matter. Was given a TTG no. and Ord No. an O2 SIM card arrived by post, TT service ended, O2 advised using their app to reconnect. But it wouldnt work and transpired mine and wife’s phones are locked to v/fone. O2 said they have to be unlocked by TT. They said it will take 5 days. After 5 days nothing, another call, “just been instructed yesterday”, weekend days dont count, and it will now take 5-10days. Raise official complaint. Explain we have no phones because TT have miss managed the changeover. Nothing can be done! Ive got to wait a week or more while v/fone unlock and can hopefully proceed. Not a great way to handle customers, had no idea the phone needed unlocking until it went off last week and we would loose the use of our phones for a fortnight, I surely cant be the first to experience this inconvenience?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Stanliz4,


I'm really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue, hopefully you won't have to wait much longer to have your mobiles unlocked