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Bringing you up to speed with full fibre

TalkTalk Content Team

Technology is a part of everyday life and many of us use multiple devices in our homes, often at the same time, which can cause slow speeds, buffering and reduced reliability – frustrating! 

With UFO, residents in York will be able to access a brand new, next generation ‘full fibre’ network, the future of the internet, and it will mean that York is the UK’s first Ultra Fibre Optic city. 

Full fibre means that a single fibre optic connection is used all the way from the exchange directly to your home or premises (FTTH or FTTP) delivering lightning fast speeds of up to 900Mbps, up to 20 times faster than the UK’s average fibre which uses fibre to the street cabinet, but then traditional copper wires to reach homes and premises.

This means you will be able to download a two-hour HD film in just seven seconds, a task that currently takes more than 25 minutes in the average UK home.


TT_UFO_RELIABLE_DIAGRAM_overhead-underground_v1 small.jpg


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