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TalkTalk’s ultrafast broadband now available for new customers in selected areas

Community Team

TalkTalk, the UK’s leading value for money connectivity provider, today announced that ultrafast broadband will be available to new customers in select locations across the country.


The Faster 150 Fibre and Faster 300 Fibre Fixed Price Plans, which use the latest technology from Openreach and offer speeds 30 times faster than standard broadband, were previously only available for existing customers.


With speeds of up to 150Mb, Faster 150 Fibre is ideal for extra busy households with a need for high-speed internet, particularly if they have many connected devices being used at the same time. As with all of TalkTalk’s Fixed Price Plans, usage is totally unlimited and the price is fixed for the length of a contract, with the guarantee of no mid-contract price hikes.


As more and more connected devices increase the demand for faster internet, TalkTalk’s Faster 300 Fibre delivers speeds of up to 300Mb, giving customers the opportunity to future-proof their homes with even higher speed internet.


Faster 150 Fibre - £40 a month for 18 or 24 months 

  • Up to 15 times faster than standard broadband
  • Up to 150Mb download allows you to download entire films in seconds
  • Up to 30Mb upload allows you to upload large files in seconds
  • Watch HD movies across multiple screens and host online games with no lag
  • Add flexible TalkTalk TV and landline call plans
  • Save £199.81 vs BT over 18 months


Faster 300 Fibre - £50 a month for 18 or 24 months 

  • Up to 30 times faster than standard broadband
  • Up to 300 Mb download and Up to 50 Mb upload speed
  • Perfect for 4K ultra HD super-fans, gamers and those who regularly upload large files to the cloud
  • Add flexible TalkTalk TV and landline call plans
  • Save £109.81 vs BT over 18 months


These speeds will be supplied through new technology which delivers much higher speeds over shorter distances in areas which have Fibre to the Cabinet internet. Following the trial, TalkTalk plans to expand its offering to new areas as the Openreach network grows across the UK.


Both new and existing TalkTalk customers can enter their postcode at  to see if there if is available on their street.


TalkTalk’s Fixed Price Plans come with a suite of great benefits at no extra cost including:


  • Award-winning SuperSafe, to help you protect your mobile, tablet or computer from viruses and banking fraud
  • CallSafe to protect landlines against nuisance calls
  • HomeSafe to filter the home internet connection, helping customers keep families safe from suspicious websites and inappropriate content.
  • Unlimited landline calls to other TalkTalk homes, the use of voicemail and access to phone privacy features

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Hey everyone, I've worked for TalkTalk since 2004, as a member of the new broadband support team, moved to second line the following year, then CEO tech team and on to Community in 2009. You'll usually find me on the Broadband and Fibre boards (and email now and again). I'm interested in technology and photography and I'm a big coffee fan, have loads of coffee gadgets and roast my own coffee beans

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First Timer

I read recently that you are updating the Webmail service, yet I cannot find a date when it is.  Are you able to let us know and when it will be rolling out to all of us.  I tried talking to Customer Services in South Africa but they didn't understand what I was asking about.



Community Manager

Hi @janenick, thanks for the comment, your correct we’ve got some exciting changes planned for our email service, I don’t have any specific dates right now but I believe we’re hoping to start trialing this with customers very soon you can also checkout About our new mail platform for more information. 

Popular Poster

Good news then.

Community Team

 Yes it is 🙂

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First Timer
700 ms0.26 Mb/s0.16 Mb/sthese are the types of speed i am getting from talk talk since i joined July 10th ..........are they acceptable to anyone else out there
Community Star

Hey @dojaman  The ultrafast broadband, announced here, does have a minimum guaranteed sync speed of 90Mbps.  If you're not on a connection and not on a fibre to the cabinet connection then do please post a request for help in the Help with your Service (Broadband) section of Community. To Start a Topic in Help with your TalkTalk Service (Broadband) Click here.

Team Player

I wonder, with BT's annoncement of cutbacks to G Fast in favour of more FttH connections, how this will afect TalkTalk in relation to this blog post?

Community Team

Hi astral1,


Thanks for your comment, I haven't seen the BT announcement but if they are planning to cutback then I would think it will have some effect.