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These tools will help you become a better parent in the digital world

F-Secure Team

Unless you've built a bubble to seal them from the world, children grow up surrounded by technology. Households are full of devices connected to the Internet – some shared and some personal. For our children, technology is a normal part of their everyday life. They switch between devices, applications, and social media throughout the day without even noticing. For them, "digital life" is just "life."

Setting Boundaries

Just like in the real world, where we need to teach our children to cross the street with caution, we need to teach them to navigate in the digital world. We cannot promise that this is easy, as in most cases, our children are more open to new technologies, trends, and ways of collaborating with their friends. However, this does not remove our responsibility – we still need to keep up with them and be parents.

SuperSafe is designed for digital parenting

TalkTalk's SuperSafe has been designed for your entire household. It adapts to the different protection needs of small children, teens, and adults. You only need one security service for your family, as SuperSafe combines Internet Security features with parental controls. Simply turn on parental control during installation and your children are automatically protected when they go online. SuperSafe does not give you tools for spying on your children. Instead, we want to give you tools for parenting in the digital world regardless of your children's ages.

SAFE browsing for children

The reputation of web pages is silently checked in the background while your children browse the Internet. Access to bad or restricted sites is automatically blocked. The default settings prevent access to known harmful and phishing sites, and to sites containing adult and violent content. Explicit content is also filtered out of the search results.

Monitoring device use

Netflix, YouTube or games on a phone or console can keep kids from experiencing life. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep track of the time your children spend using various devices. SuperSafe gives you the means to set time limits on using devices and apps. With these limits, you can make sure that your children do other things besides being glued to digital media.

App control

Children are app-savvy. They install and use various apps for communication, recreation, and study – often more capably than adults do. SuperSafe checks apps for any malicious code, and it also checks if the applications contain any other undesirable features, like extensive advertising. On Android, the Safe Applications feature allows you to check the permissions requested by installed apps. This helps in protecting your child's private data from being leaked by apps. Our Android application also provides application control, where any newly installed apps must be authorized by you.

Location monitoring

To save you from worrying about your kids' physical safety, SuperSafe supports location services on Android devices. You can simply log in to your SuperSafe Account and get the location of your child on a map. Just select a device, and make your digital parenting easier.

Give it all a try and see the difference. As a TalkTalk customer you can try SuperSafe for FREE on the first device worth £39 and SuperSafe Boost which protects up to eight devices for only £2 a month (worth £99 for a year). Just log in to My Account, select the package you want and you will receive an email from F-Secure to install it onto your device.

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I already have an effective anti-virus program running on my PC - Talktalk have suggested as I am not using Supersafe I should consider downloading it. I know that some security features can act against each other so I don't consider it necessary to download Supersafe - is my thinking correct?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi davehuddart,


Yes, it's probably best not to install 2 internet security suits as they can conflict, and if you happy with your current one then there's no need to install the SuperSafe boost