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Maintenance or recovery mode is useful to reset your TalkTalk TV box, but you should only use this option after all other diagnostics have been completed.   If your TalkTalk TV box is stuck booting up after switching it on, or is failing to respond to the remote control or any manual button combinations, you should power off your TV box (via the button at the back of the TalkTalk TV box) and wait for a few minutes before switching it back on again.   When powered back on, if the box displays the same behaviour, you should follow the below steps:    Ensure the TalkTalk TV box is turned off and connected to the broadband router (using a cable or Powerline adapters).  Power on the TalkTalk TV box using the button at the back.  Instructions for entering Maintenance Mode.  If you have a box with recording capability press the power (standby) button on the front panel, then quickly press and hold both the + and – buttons at the same time.  If you have a box that doesn’t record, press and hold both the + and – buttons at the same time and then press the power (standby) button, whilst continuing to hold the + and – buttons. NOTE: If you see the "Please wait…" message you'll need to try again.  Once the "Huawei – Maintenance Mode menu" is displayed, let go of the + and –  The + and – buttons on the front panel will navigate the menu. Use those buttons to highlight the option as recommended below:  If you’re trying this for the first time on a box that records, select Factory Reset Keep recordings  If you’ve already tried a Factory Reset Keep recordings but the box still won’t boot up, select Factory Reset Delete recordings  If you have a box that doesn’t record select Factory Reset.  Press the power button on the front panel to select the relevant option. This will bring up some information and ask "Do you want to proceed?". Press the power button again to confirm.  Your TV box will now reinstall the latest software, this may take several minutes. Once complete, the box will restart.    Once restarted, the TalkTalk TV box will show the initial setup wizard. You’ll need to run through the setup wizard including tuning the channels. If you're still experiencing issues after completing maintenance mode reset, then you can contact our TV colleagues here.  
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You're not normally allowed to have services on more than one set top box within your home, unless you pay an additional fee and in TalkTalk's case its not currently possible however its a restriction that affects all providers.   Some providers will offer a multiroom service, you can usually pay an increased monthly fee for a second set top box. There are however other alternatives that you can use to receive the television signal in another room.   Option1:  This option is using a device known as a Video Sender. These have been on the market for many years and rely on a wireless signal to transmit to a receiver connected to your second TV.           wifi receiver   Most video senders allow you to transmit the remote control signal from another room, back to the set top box so that you can change channel or view the guide information etc.   These devices have a wide price range, and can operate across the main wireless frequencies. Before deciding to purchase these devices, I would always suggest you read through the customer reviews for each model and see what other customers are saying about their performance.   Option 2:  You can convert the HDMI signal to an Ethernet signal, this will allow you to transmit the TV signal either wired, if you have LAN cables in place between rooms, or by using Powerline adapters. Some powerline adapters have 2 ethernet sockets and can carry the network signal from your router & TV signal from the HDMI converter.     HDMI sender   You may require a HDMI splitter to allow you to feed the TV signal from your set top box to your main TV and to the converter at the same time. The downside of these converters, is that it will not allow you to transmit the remote control signal back to the set top box, and you will not be able to change channel while in another room.  
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Hey Everyone,    Lots of you have been asking about the TalkTalk TV Store so we've pulled this short video together which tells you everything you need to know about the strore:         Thanks 
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