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Community Badges have arrived!

Community Manager
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Hey Everyone,


I’m really excited to tell you about our new Badges which we’ve just added to the community. As you use the community, engage with other members and their content you’ll earn. The more active you are within the community the more badges you’ll have to display on your profile.


We don’t want to spoil all the fun by telling you which badges are on offer as we’re sure you'll have much more fun finding them yourself but we did want to give you a sneak preview and let you know which types of activities could earn you a badge.


Our badges are awarded for a number of different actions, some of which are secret so you’ll have to be patient and eagle eyed to find these however many of our badges are awarded based on the following activities:


  • Creating new discussions
  • Commenting on other members discussions
  • Giving and receiving Likes
  • Your Best Answers count
  • Completing your community profile


This is only the beginning! The team and I are constantly looking at new badges we can add and we’d love to get your ideas and suggestions for new badges or just tell us what you think of them over in our Badges discussion board.






Stephen, Community Manager