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Community Guidelines - Updated

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Welcome to the TalkTalk Community, we’re pleased you’ve decided to join us


To help you get the most from the community and to make sure everyone gets along we’ve pulled together a few guidelines. 


This will help keep us on track and ensure our community is full of helpful conversation and advice whilst being a safe, friendly place to spend your time.  To help us achieve this we expect our members to adhere to the community’s terms of service as well as the following community guidelines:


 So let’s get started…


  •  Always use ‘Search the Community’

The perfect place to start if you need an answer quickly! This will provide you with a list of similar questions that have been answered, making sure you get the best answer in the quickest time


  •  Still Need Help?

If you don’t find what you need in ‘Search the Community’ and would like to post on the community, please start a new thread rather than asking on someone else’s. It keep things nice and clear and means other community members will see your question that much quicker


  • Likes

This is where we share the love…receiving a thank you or thumbs up from another member of the community is the best feedback so don’t hold back on saying thank you, give some Likes!


  • Best Answer

If you find the answer you need don’t forget to mark it as a 'Best Answer'.  You’ll be doing your bit to help your fellow community members find their answers that much quicker


  • Report Abuse

Next to every post is a "Report Inappropriate Content" link. Use this if you identify a post which you feel goes against these guidelines or the community terms of service. We’ll investigate and if we agree it will be removed, in some circumstances users may be banned from the community.


Being Nice…


We like to have a real family feel here on our community so we need your help to make sure it stays that way…so it goes without saying that should anyone post any of the below it will be removed.


*  Use offensive language to another community member or to a member of the TalkTalk team

*  Are racist, sexist , homophobic or generally abusive

*  Spam the boards with repeats of the same issue or unhelpful links of unrelated information that doesn’t help anyone

*  Include links that may contain virus’, offensive or illegal material

* Any unauthorised selling or offering goods/services

* Anything that may constitute defamation of a person’s character, organisation or group

* Posts that contain personal details for more information see TalkTalk Privacy Policy.


Disputes resolution & Reporting bad behaviour 

If you find any offensive content or members posting content which you feel is in violation of the community rules your should use the "Report Inappropriate Content" link displayed next to every post detailing the reason for your report. This will then be reviewed by our community moderators and or employees for action to be taken. 


In the event you're unhappy with the action taken or wish to escalate any matter further you can do so by sending the community manager stephenf a private message. We aim to reply to your messages within 48hours  however from time to time it may take a little longer to respond.



You're now able to use our latest set of emojis within your posts which are provided by