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About your line activation day

Thank you for choosing TalkTalk. If you've joined us from another provider and you've already got a phone line, we can usually switch you over without needing to send an engineer round. We also offer Full Fibre to the largest footprint in the UK, so if you're upgrading from Broadband, we'll send an engineer to install your new Fibre service.

Once you've placed your order we'll send you a welcome pack. This will include everything you need to know about your chosen plan and the date you will become a TalkTalk customer.

A few days before your activation date, we'll send you your new TalkTalk router via Yodel. It's best to wait until everything’s been set up before plugging in your router, so keep it somewhere safe until then. Here’s a bit more information about your delivery You can also track your activation in My Account.



We'll connect your existing phone line to your new TalkTalk service without an engineer needing to call. All the work to activate your line will be carried out at your local exchange, so you don't need to be at home on the day your services go live unless we tell you otherwise. You may experience a short disruption to your phone service during this time, but it usually doesn't last more than an hour.

Your service could go live any time up to midnight on your activation day, but we'll send you an email to let you know once everything’s up and running. If you need any additional information on your order, the best place to check is in My Account. In the unlikely event that your services haven't gone live by the following day, please get in touch.

Once you're live, you'll be ready to set up your router. You'll find a handy setup guide in the box, or you can visit setting up your Wi-Fi Hub. Once your router is set up, it’s time to connect your devices.

During your first 10 days we will be tweaking your speed to give you the best service. This means you may see different speeds and occasional drops while we stabilise your connection There is no need to call us to report this. For more information, check out our article, Your first 10 days of broadband.


When you join TalkTalk, we'll provide you with an activation date for your services to go live. As all the work to connect your services will be carried out at your local exchange, the engineer won't need access to your home so you don't need to be in on the day.

We're unable to change the date of your activation as this will have been arranged for the earliest available timeslot in line with our engineer availability. We'll simply connect your services on the date we provided, so everything will be ready for you to just plug in your router at a time that suits you.


To set up a new line you'll be charged our standard setup fee, which covers connecting your line to our network and arranging an engineer visit if necessary. 

The table below shows the setup fees for each of our plans
Plan Setup type Price
Fast broadband New or existing line setup Up to £60.00
Fibre 35 New or existing line setup Up to £60.00
Fibre 65 New or existing line setup Up to £60.00
Upgrading to Fibre Upgrade setup Up to £60.00
Fibre 150 Installation Up to £60.00
Fibre 250 Installation Up to £60.00
Fibre 150 Data Only Installation Up to £60.00
Fibre 500 Data Only Installation Up to £60.00
Ultra Fibre Optic New or existing line setup Up to £60.00