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Incorrect account details

We always aim to ensure that the details we hold for you are accurate. If you notice that any of your details are incorrect, you can amend and view most of your contact information in My Account. Simply select the Add or Edit button next to the information you'd like to change.

Some details, like your billing address and date of birth, can't be edited in My Account. To find out how to change these, please see the instructions below.

If you wish to transfer your account to someone else you will need to follow our change of ownership process.


If you notice a mistake in the address details we hold for you, please contact us so we can amend it.


If you're moving home then you can use our quick and easy online home move service to transfer your services to your new property. If you have already moved and your address details are incorrect, please contact us.


It's not possible to change the address your bills are sent to in My Account. If you wish to amend the address or confirm the billing address we hold for you, please contact us and we can arrange this.


If the email address we hold for you is incorrect, you can update it in the personal details section in My Account.


It isn't possible to change your date of birth in My Account. If you wish to amend your details, please contact us and we can arrange this.


Home phone - It isn't possible to change your home phone number. If you would like us to contact you on an alternative number, you can provide these under Mobile and Marketing phone number.

Mobile - To update the mobile number we hold for you, select Change mobile on the My details and settings page in My Account.


If you need to update your name because it's spelt wrong, contact us and we'll amend it for you. If you've legally changed your name by deed poll or marriage, you'll need to follow our name change process.


If you've changed your bank or your Direct Debit instruction has been cancelled, it's simple to create a new Direct Debit in My Account.