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Issues loading TV players

If you can’t use any of the players on your TV Box we suggest you run through the following checks to help resolve the issue.

If you're having problems with an individual player, for example, BBC, it’s always best to contact the provider first to see if there are any issues with their service.


Step 1: Check your broadband is working

If you have another device connected to your router, (laptop, iPad, etc.) see whether you can open or another website using that device.


Step 2: Check your cables are connected properly

Check the  cables into your TalkTalk TV box are secure and set up correctly. 

If you use Network Connectors with a TalkTalk TV Box or TalkTalk TV Plus Box, check they're plugged in securely and switched on. Check your ethernet cables are properly connected to each Network Connector, your router and your TalkTalk TV box.

To test whether they're working, plug them into a double wall socket next to each other (not a multi-socket extension lead) and wait 10 to 40 seconds while they start up. They should have coloured lights to indicate they are working properly (see your manual for more details). If your Network Connectors aren’t working correctly, check the online manual and try resetting them. 


Step 3: Check your TV Box connection status

Please see our Check your TV network connection article.


Step 4: Restart your router and TalkTalk TV box

Restart your router by switching off the power, wait 30 seconds and then switch the power on again. Wait until the lights on your router indicate it has finished starting up and has connected to the Internet (this can take a couple of minutes).

Restart your TalkTalk TV box by turning the power off, wait 30 seconds, then turn the power on again.

Repeat step 3 to ensure your TalkTalk TV box is connected.


Step 5: Update your TalkTalk TV Box software

The software for the On Demand players and TalkTalk TV Box will automatically update providing you leave the box on standby. Check out TV Software updates to ensure you have the latest version and for instructions to manually update. 


Step 6: Unplug other devices connected to your router

If you have other devices such as a laptop or games console connected to your router, this can affect your broadband speed and cause buffering. Try disconnecting these devices.