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Problems calling a specific number

Having trouble connecting to a particular phone number? it could be a problem with your phone, service or the number you’re calling. Look through these steps that may help you resolve your issue.

More often than not, when you can’t connect a call, you’ll hear a recorded message. Here are some of the known messages and causes:

"Sorry, the number you have dialled has not been recognised, please hang up and try again"

This may be due to dialling incorrectly. Try dialling the number again and take extra care. If you still get the message, you've probably got the wrong number.

"The number you have dialled cannot receive incoming calls"

The person you're trying to call has a problem with their phone. If you can, try calling them on a different number.

"This number does not receive calls from withheld numbers"

If you've withheld your number, you'll need to temporarily deactivate it before you can make this call. For instructions see Whithold my telephone number.

"Your call cannot be connected, goodbye"

The person you're trying to call may have a problem with their line. Try calling them on a different number.

"Sorry, your call cannot be connected at this time"

The person you're trying to call may be using the phone or temporarily disconnected. Try again later.

"No Routes Found"

Your call couldn't be routed correctly through the telephone exchange. This might mean there is a problem with your network.


If you’re using Speed Dial to make the call, try dialling the number manually. If you get through OK, it could be that you’ve stored the number incorrectly in your phone.
If the number is stored correctly but still doesn’t connect with speed dial, it’s probably because the speed dial function you’re using is not compatible with the TalkTalk service. We do have our own speed dial feature built into the network. Try using that instead.


Try using a handset that you know is in good working order – preferably one that has a cord, rather than a cordless model. If the call connects, there may be a fault with the handset you normally use. 


Try calling from a non-TalkTalk line. Use your mobile or a friend’s phone. If you can connect OK, it’s probably a problem with the TalkTalk network. It’s time to get in touch with our customer service team.