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Using Selective call rejection (Last Caller Barring)

This calling feature is the perfect way to stop nuisance callers. You can use it to block the last number to call you, or you can enter specific numbers you’d like to bar. Whenever someone tries to call you from a blocked number, they will hear a recorded message and you won't be disturbed by the call. 

You may also want to check out About CallSafe our free feature where all your incoming calls are screened before your phone rings. 


Note - If you already use CallSafe then the Last Caller Barring feature does not display in My Account and you won't have the option to select it.




To block the last number to call you:

  1.  After the number you want to block has called you, hang up and then dial 1 4 2 5 8 on your phone
  2.  Confirm that you want to block the number by dialling #01#
  3. The number will be confirmed and will now be blocked

To block a specific number:

  1. Dial 1 4 2 5 8
  2. Dial the key then the number followed by the # key
  3. The number you’ve entered will now be blocked from calling you


To turn this service off dial 3

To remove one or more entries press * then the number thenagain

To Remove all entries dial 08*

To hear all entries on the list dial 1

To hear these options repeated dial 0 

To remove all anonymous entries dial 09*



Don't recognise the above instructions?

We're upgrading our telephone services but haven't got to everybody yet. If your line hasn't been migrated you can find instructions for Using last caller barring