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Let’s break down all of the ways
you can avoid online fraudsters.


How Do you beat the scammers?

Online scams are getting more sophisticated by the day. But once you know what to look out for,
you’ll find you’ve got everything you need to outsmart them.


spotting a scammer

Some of the common giveaways that you're dealing with a scammer.

  • Authority: Is the message claiming to be from someone official?
  • Urgency: Are you being told you only have a limited time to respond?
  • Emotion: Are you expecting to receive this message like this and does it make you feel panicked, curious or hopeful?


how do you report a scammer?

Reporting scammers is hassle-free and effective with TalkTalk.


Scam CaLls

If your bank is part of the 159 scheme, you can dial 159 from your TalkTalk landline to get straight through to their fraud team.

phishing emails

If you spot a phishing email claiming to be from us, just forward it to TalkTalk webmail users can also click ‘mark as spam’. This will help us stop similar emails from reaching you or anyone else.

spam texts

Report spam text messages by forwarding the message to 7726 (this is a government service).



All our plans include CallSafe, our free call screening service. It asks unknown callers to record their name so that you can screen incoming calls before accepting them. Scam callers will usually hang up.


Keep your
network scam safe 

Our HomeSafe Scam Protection filter is great for weeding online baddies out of your network. It keeps a block list of known phishing sites and sites used by scam callers. These sites will never load for anyone using your network.
Additionally, our award-winning SuperSafe Online Security  includes a Banking Protection feature which notifies you when banking sites are 100% safe.




National Cyber Security Centre

Visit the National Cyber Security Centre for more expert online safety advice.





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