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e mail to contacts list

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I have set up a file of a group of contacts in my address book. How can I send an e mail to the group?

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Hi @scorpio5 


In the new TalkTalk Mail the Contacts Group is called a Distribution list.  You'll find your previously defined Contacts Groups in the alphabetical Address Book Contacts list with a sub-title of Distribution list.


First, remember that a Distribution list should be no more than 50 recipients.  Larger groups should be split up. Sending limits will apply.  No more than 50 recipients per hour and no more than 500 recipients a day are the guidelines. More than that and Spam protection blockers will activate temporarily to keep you to the guidelines. 

To create a new Distribution List (group email) in new TalkTalk Mail:

  • Login to new TalkTalk Mail
  • Select Address Book from the blue header bar
  • Select New from the sub-header and then from the drop-down menu
    Select Add contact or Add distribution list
  • In this example, select Add distribution list
  • In the new window
    Give the Distribution list a name
  • In the Add contact box either add contacts manually or
    Select existing contacts - Select the Contacts icon on the right side of the box
    In the Select Contacts pop-up window
    Tick the box to the left of each contact you wish to add to the Distribution list
    Select the blue Select button
  • When complete select the blue Create list button at the bottom of the page
    You'll get a confirmation window appear
    The Distribution list will appear in the alphabetical list of Contacts


Add distribution list


To Edit an existing Distribution list

  • Select the Distribution list from the Contacts
  • Select Edit from the sub-header
    A panel will appear listing the Participants (Individual contacts)
  • Select the dustbin icon to the right of a contact to delete from the list
    It will delete without confirmation
  • To add a contact either type the email address in the Add contact box
    OR select one or more contacts from the Address Book
    Select the Address Book icon in the right side of the Add contact box
  • When done select the blue Save button at the bottom

To send an email to a Distribution list

  • Select Compose from the Toolbar to create a new email
  • In the To field you'll see CC and BCC
  • Select BCC in the To box
  • That will add the BCC address line
  • Select the Address Book icon at the end of the BCC box
  • Select the Distribution list from the alphabetical contacts in your Address Book
    That will then add all those group contacts in one go to the BCC field
    BCC (or blind carbon copy) so that none of the recipients see any other email addresses
  • Send


Group Email Confidential.png

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2020

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Hi scorpio5, it looks like Gondola has you covered here. If you need any more help please let us know. 

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