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Email suddenly stopped working iphone

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Two weeks ago my phone suddenly stopped receiving incoming emails and my saved etc folders disappeared from the phone. I spoke to someone at talktalk and they talked me through various actions and then said it must be a problem with Apple. I’ve phoned Apple and they insist the problem is talktalks server.

I deleted the talktalk account from my phone but now I can’t even add it back as I get a ‘username or password is incorrect’ message..I’m most definitely putting in the correct account details as I can sign in directly to webmail on  Talktalk. 

My children also have talktalk mail and the same thing is happening on their iPads. 

I’m getting frustrated and wonder if I should just get a new email address, it’s a nuisance to use webmail on my phone as it’s time consuming and the mails don’t display properly.


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Hi and thank you so much for letting me know. I’ve been scouring the Internet looking for a solution for days 🙄


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Hi @Toni04,


You're definitely not alone in this and it's not Apple (nor anything you've done wrong yourselves) but TalkTalk - because so many people have suddenly got the same set of problems on lots of different mail clients on a wide range of operating systems and devices (check through the many threads here). There are a few other problems showing up which are more easily fixed but nothing reliable thus far for this one.

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