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Emails from certain domain no longer received

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I am no longer able to receive emails from a particular domain. The last email from that domain was received 22 March 2024. I have an account with that domain, and of course that requires a login. I have requested a password reset from them, but no email arrived. I have also been expecting other emails from them, which they inform me, by telephone, have been sent, and resent at my (telephone) request. Again nothing arrives.
I have checked trash and email in webmail - no messages there. There are no webmail rules set up so the missing messages are not being deleted/forwarded elsewhere.
I have seen similar issues from other community members where emails from particular domains just stop, so I imagine this is another example of that.
I read that TalkTalk are very strong on certificates, and will reject emails that do not meet certification requirements, which is fair enough. I wonder if it is possible to find out whether this particular email domain is being rejected by TalkTalk for such a reason.
I'd appreciate some help as I do need to receive these emails - they're from a bank.
Many thanks,


Support Team
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Hi C_M_P, we do have an incident open for this. I've not had confirmation yet that its been fixed, but lets hope that this is a sign that it has. 



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Strangely, emails have this minute been received from the domain. Messages are arriving at odd moments, but am catching-up.  If this was talktalk behind the scenes then thank you. I believe this particular instance of the issue can be closed.