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Massive delay in getting emails to appear on my iPhone!!!

First Timer
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I have exactly the same problem under the new system.


A LIve Chat contact simply said that I needed to join the Community as he didn't have an answer - obliquely suggesting that unless enough people complained Talktalk wouldn't deal with it!


Sounds a bit like an Apple response once uon a time...


I am waiting up to 24 hours for forwarded emails to arrive -I have to check regularly - whereas it worked fine before the upgrade.  Shame Talktalk don't want to know, but I'll go elsewhere soon as they don't seem to want to help.


Hope someone in Talktalk reads this too!


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Hi @AlanRQ 


I believe the vendor fixed this issue on Saturday. Would you try again.


I've just checked and the forwarding of emails was achieved (to a non-talktalk email address) within 5 minutes.

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