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OCE - PLEASE READ - Spam filters auto sending to someone at Hotmail address - Have i been hacked?

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I have this morning posted a message regarding the fact that i cannot receive emails. I have just read a post regarding the spam filters. I have looked in the spam filter and found that the "auto forward" was enabled and the email address was a ladies name, who i do not recognise at a Hotmail account. I have removed the "auto forward" and tested email and voila - back in action.


Its great that i am now receiving emails but how did my spam filter get changed, why was it enabled to "auto forward" to someone who i have no idea who they are - this i assume to be a hack of my account.


How then can i get a copy of my emails from the last 3 days?


This is a real concern and needs to be looked into ASAP




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Hi @John-Walker 


I've replied to your earlier thread so you'll know that I believe your email account has been compromised and that the email password is known and must be changed asap to secure your email account.


Have you left the filter rule in place and just disabled it so that you have a record of the intruder's means of getting your incoming emails?


Unfortunately, there's no TalkTalk backup storage for previous emails sent to the mailbox so no easy way of finding out what emails should have been received. 


TalkTalk Security Team would definitely like to know that email address so it can be investigated, shut down and any emails recovered. You could send that email address to with Phishing email in the subject line. And as a belt and braces I'm sure the OCE's would like to report it via their internal reporting to the Security Team so will ask you for it by Private Message.


Your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) looks to be updated - just check it's current and includes your name, address, current TalkTalk landline 'phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and add your email address to Private notes and save changes.

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Hi Gondola


yep, i only unchecked the box so i have a record of the email address - i also took a picture of the screen (belt and braces). I will pass the info onto the Phishing team as mentioned.


Thanks for your help