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One of my contacts always goes straight to the Spam folder

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As the title says, there is one of my contacts whose emails to me always go straight to the Spam folder. 

I use the TalkTalk app.

I have no problems with any other contact.

I have tried marking the emails as 'not spam'.

I have tried setting up a filter rule.

I've tried Talktalk online chat but they kept passing me from one person to another and eventually they said they'd get back to me but so far they haven't.

Surely it should be a fairly straightforward solution??

Can anyone help?

It would be nice if there was a file somewhere with a list of all my blocked emails. 

(It is possible that sometime in the past I've accidentally marked an email as Spam but then that should be easy to reverse)


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Hi madcap1, data protection means we can't access your mailbox directly. If you let me have the affected sender by personal message I'll run the 7 day scan for you. 



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