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Problem Accessing Email

First Timer
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Can anyone advise


Since Wednesday I have not been receiving any emails to my Taktalk account on any of my mobile or laptop acoount setups.  I am receiving emails if I go through the web based account.


I have tried deleting the account on my Iphone 6 and Ipad Mini and reinstalling it.  I do briefly get access and can send emails but again do not recieve them. after a brief while i then get the message to sign in to my account if I need  to access my account again.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Many Thanks




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[Apple] Mail is a sound application @BOBLEY, but sometimes it does't 'clean-up' after itself as well as it might, and that could be what is causing the problem. Remove the offending account[s] - but leave the iCloud account - and then follow this path .......


> Home Screen > Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Accounts > 'Key an existing account' > IMAP > Account > 'Retract virtual keyboard' > OUTGOING MAIL SERVER > SMTP* > 'Remove all extraneous entries!' > 'Back out to Home Screen'


[*Be aware of the footnote!]


.... now get Mail to install a new [TalkTalk] account, by providing it with the minimum of pre-information - email address / password - unless specifically requested to do otherwise!


Cross your fingers, head for Mail, and ................. try it!  Untitled.png


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Thanks for your reply


I have tried it both auto and manual both with the same result




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Here, you may want to read this from Microsoft, as it is down to the provider to update their TLS:

Insightful One
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@BOBLEY wrote:


I have tried deleting the account on my Iphone 6 and Ipad Mini and reinstalling it.  Bobley

Assuming you are using the [Apple] Mail application Bobley, how do you go about reinstalling the TalkTalk account, do you do it manually, or do you let Mail take care of it automatically?

Team Player
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Have been in contact with Microsoft through Outlook app, and they have checked and said it is down to the provider to update their server to TLS 1.2, in order for this to work, hopefully talk talk will take note and see this and the thread I have posted in and update their server.