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Problems with Tesco email and Talk Talk no help?

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Talktalk have not written to me about stopping the Tesco email addresses. It is outrageous - I have just signed up for a new contract in order to keep my email address.


The customer service team don't even understand that they look after customers.



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Hello HH,


I've now had an email from Tesco for every email account I have, each with an attachment explaining how set up the interim forwarding for the period between June and October (when the email services end completely).


You obviously saw my posts on the other thread, but as Gondola mentioned in reply there - when TalkTalk bought the business from Tesco (£5m for 75,000 customers according to the news article that I have from the time) they just took the customers and no email obligations.


Like you I was under the impression that the service was being transferred and I've stayed loyal since then to maintain continuity of email, but it seems that was never the case.


What can you do about it? Nothing really apart from preparing as best possible for the loss of your online email identity. Regarding my accounts, then I know it's going to be a pain and I'm sure that I will miss something which I'll discover after the closure, but such is life.


Gondola explained how to setup TalkTalk mail on the other thread and I've done that now as an interim measure (at the moment everything TalkTalk send to me comes via Tesco email).


But that is an interim measure only. I intend to sort a domain out shortly as it's not expensive and I'm not having this happen to me again (i.e. even if my 3rd party email provider folds at a future date, I will still own the domain and just park it somewhere else).


Sorry this is all of limited consolation, but I'm sure that you aren't alone. The are a lot of transferred Tesco customers with TalkTalk who are in the same boat.


All the best.


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Hi @HHewitson


First a note about verifying your Community membership:

Moderator Note: To see your post, please verify your Community Membership by clicking on the verification link in the community-notification email. If you've registered with an email address you cannot access then change the Community profile settings email to an alternate and please verify that.


I see you're a former Tesco Broadband customer migrated by Tesco to TalkTalk in 2015.  You're a TalkTalk customer for your broadband, phone and other services including email. Customer Service agents will recognise you as a TalkTalk customer now not as a Tesco customer.


Tesco retained the email service. TalkTalk never took it on.  Tesco will have written to you if you've got an active email account.


Here's a sample letter:

We’re writing to let you know that our email service will close down on 27th June 2018.
Your email address is the one you got with your very first Tesco Broadband and Homephone package. After 27th June, it will no longer be in service.
If you need time to get things sorted, we’ll forward your emails to another email address of your choice until 10th October 2018. If you’d like us to do this, please make sure you set up forwarding before 27th June. See ‘what you need to do’ below.

Why is closing?
We closed Tesco Broadband and Homephone back in 2015 but we kept the email service open to give customers a chance to create a new email account. As most customers have now done this, it’s time for us to close the email service too. Don’t worry if you haven’t set a new email address up yet, there’s still time.
What you need to do:
Set up a new email address – you can use your current broadband provider or a free webmail account like Gmail or Outlook. Once you’ve set up your new email account,please set up email forwarding on your account by 27th June – this will last until 10th October 2018.
Log in to your email accountand forward any emails you want to keep to your new email address as you won’t be able to access these after 27th June 2018.
If you use your email address as a username to log in to websites (for example or BBC iPlayer), you’ll need to change this to your new email address.
If you need any more info, please visit our website.

Best wishes,

Your Email team.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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