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Secondary email address not replicating my primary email address in Outlook

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I have a primary pipex email address which is a random combination of letters and numbers, so i also have a secondary address which includes my name. I access my pipex emails via Outlook and until yesterday my emails appeared in Outlook under my primary address and these were replicated to folders under my secondary address. I think I set this up a few years ago and cannot remember how. As of yesterday this has stopped working and emails now only appear under my primary address which is rather annoying. Can anyone help me solve this and restore it to how it worked before?


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There is one mailbox for your pipex mail messages. The mailbox has the master pipex email address of the form The master pipex email address can also have multiple aliases of the form Incoming mail messages for those aliases are all directed to the master mailbox Inbox.


You would use Filter rules to sort incoming mail into different folders. e.g. a Filter rule would detect mail for firstname.lastname and move that mail into a different folder. That could be a sub-folder of the Inbox or a custom named My Folder.


So, as the mail messages are all arriving in the Inbox I'd say there are no Filter rules active in the online mailbox. Therefore it depends on where you set up the filter rules to sort incoming mail into different folders. Was that done in the online mailbox or in Outlook. You could be collecting all mail in Outlook and applying a filter rule to sort the Outlook messages.

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