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Talk talk Cancelling email addresses

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Hi, does anyone know if Talktalk are still going ahead with deactivating email accounts on April 26th, for email accounts that are not supplied under a broadband contract or the monthly email subscription (£5ish per month I think).


i am in this catagory and was going to subscribe but financial circumstances have recently changed!

Thank you for any advice



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Thank you Gondola,

i havent received an email from Talktalk so I was unclear what was happening, so thank you for the reassurance.


ive been with Talktalk for years but they weren’t competitive with broadband prices so I switched. I’m in a contract with BT at the moment but hope to switch. back at the end of this. I’d like to keep my email address as I’ve had it for years.

many thanks again for your help.

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Hi @Michellew2 


For the moment, TalkTalk has suspended deletion of mailboxes that are not linked to a customer MyAccount. It's more important during this period of Government special measures that TalkTalk Consumer Mail users can stay in touch with friends and family. 


Is there anything else you'd like to know about MailPlus or TalkTalk Mail?


About TalkTalk Mail Plus 


If you do decide to rejoin TalkTalk on a fixed low price plan for broadband and phone then TalkTalk Mail with up to 5 mailboxes is included free. 

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