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Webmail no "mark as spam option"

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I have an issue with the account setup with TalkTalk, since I joined. When I sign into webmail  I have no “mark as spam” option to mark emails as spam. I have tried different browsers and the issue is the same, I have logged in to my account on a different PC and again the issue follows.  I have a friend who is TalkTalk account holder and if they sign in on my PC they have the option to mark emails as spam. 


Just to summarise my issue, when I sign into webmail there is no “mark as spam” option, I have attached screenshots to show the missing option, screenshot1 is my account, screenshot2 is my friends account both taken from my PC using the same browser.


I have been asked to post hear by TalkTalk customer services - "If you could do that today; one of the Community Team will pick this up in the next few days if a member of the community hasn't been able to help. Cheers, Andy"


Hope my issue can be resolved 🙂