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"Meet My Connection"

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Hello All


I've received an email from TalkTalk, headed Meet My Connection:  "You don’t have to call or wait in queues to give your Wi-Fi an instant tune-up. You can find all the easy-to-use tools you need in one place – My Connection."


Fair enough I thought, so I'd give it a try. I attempted to obtain results through two of the options provided:

1) Connection test. I received a message that this test wasn't available because my home is connected through copper wire and fibre connections, and the test couldn't be carried out on both. However, the copper wire connection would be removed in due course. This doesn't make any sense to me. There is nothing connected via the old copper wire input box on the outside of my property. My TalkTalk router is connected to the fibre input box that was fitted earlier in the year. Nobody said at that time there would be a dual (copper/fibre) connection still running or that the former would be removed at a later date.


2) Broadband test. No luck with this either, just a message to say that "We've run into a problem, please try again later". I did and there was no change.


Are these just teething problems with My Connection or could there be something wrong with the way my home connection is currently configured? As usual, I can't get through to TalkTalk Chat so any help here appreciated.


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Hi @Film_mad 


Thanks for your reply and I'm glad to see that the throughput speeds (speed test results) look good.


This issue with My Connection is not affecting all customers and is being investigated so it can be resolved as quickly as possible.


Apologies again for the issues you have experienced.




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I've just used Ookla Speed Test and the results are very good (on the test): Upload 152 Download 155.  
As you say, it appears that (both) the issues that I had using My Connection yesterday - speed test and broadband test - are down to faults in the system. That said, I think that it would have been wiser to ensure that My Connection was thoroughly tested before launching it to TalkTalk customers - and encouraging them to use it - so that false responses (using a cooper wire connection and no broadband result at all, in my case) are eliminated. Otherwise, what's the point of My Connection? Anyway, thanks for sorting this out.

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Hi @Film_mad 


Thanks for updating your Community Profile.


You have a FTTP VOIP connection so you aren't using a copper line for calls.


Could you run a speed test using a 3rd party speed tester so we can see what speeds you are receiving? (on speed tests)


I believe the issue with My Connection is linked to a known incident which the team are working to resolve.


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Details added. I am a little concerned (now) about the state of my connection so would be grateful for any assistance.


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Hi @Film_mad 


Please can you add your name and TalkTalk account number to your Community Profile, we can then take a look at this for you.




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Thanks for the prompt response. I've unplugged the phone connection from my router and plugged it into the wall socket but there's no dialling tone or service from it. I'm still at a loss, therefore, as to why the My Connection application is showing a dual connection.


Currently my TalkTalk service appears to be running smoothly. The only thing I have noticed is with the small black box on my inside wall that was fitted when I was connected with fibre earlier on in the year. The last of the four green lights at the top of the box flickers whereas the first three are all stable. I don't know if this means anything, or anything connected with the broadband message I received.






Support Team
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Hi @Film_mad 


Thanks for your post. It sounds like you may have a FTTP connection with a copper leave behind for the voice service. Does the copper service have a dial tone if you connect a phone? Eventually the copper lines will be switched off for full fibre connections (with VOIP) digital voice.


There is currently an incident raised for the line test/we've run into a problem error message and this is under investigation at the moment.


Are you experiencing any issues with your connection at the moment?