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Weak Security Warning on Applie IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

New customer, frequent connection drops

Hi all, I was wondering if anybody was able to help. I switched from Plusnet to Talktalk at the start of the month (Fibre 65), and ever since I've had internet outages pretty much every day. Originally I thought it was just the connection settling do...

oibara by Newbie
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No WiFi in evenings

Hi. Every evening from about 6pm there is no wifi connection. I have tried to sort this out but I'm getting nowhere. I'm paying for a service that I am simply just not receiving. I'm not a technical person so I have no idea what to do. I have tried r...

Grace9 by Newbie
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Internet dropping out

My internet is dropping out more and more. Today it has randomly dropped 3-4 times whilst I've been home. It causes the cctv and burglar alarm to beep thus interfering with monitoring. It dropped again at 2.45am waking us up. Programmes set to record...

Router/modems repeatedly losing VDSL connection

I have a Draytek router/modem that started losing internet connectivity randomly about a week ago (Windows reports connected/no internet). I tried rebooting the router and the windows connected client to no avail. I also used windows network reset to...

Anony by Popular Poster
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Eero 6 and google home hub

Hi, I have eero 6, since getting it my Google home hub mini and Google nest do not work properly, they are connected on the 2.4ghz band but when I ask something it doesn't work, they worked fine on the old router? Help please!

Vickyfluff by Conversation Starter
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Service issues, again.

Once again we are having ongoing issues with your service. Since there is no obvious way of contacting you to discuss this, here I am once again writing to your forum. Two/three weeks ago a BT engineer visited and ensured us the router was the cause ...

annrob by Chatterbox
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Fibre 65 - yet again

This latest part of the saga began on Friday, when my connection dropped to under 1Mbps. I couldn't find the chat service and there were no direct contact details, but after getting no response on Twitter I finally received a reply via a message to T...

Labrat by Problem Solver
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internet keeps disconnecting after upgrading to 150 fibre

Hi. Since i upgraded my broadband for 150 fibre about 3 months ago i keep having a lot of disconnects every day. They last from 1 to 5minutes. Once it was disconnected for half of the day.Its connected by wire and i have both talktalk wifi hub 2 and ...

demorell by Team Player
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Unable to contact customer services

I have a persistant connection problem which never gets solved . Similar problems in the past have been solved by online contact or by a phone call however this no longer seems possible. You can report a fault online by checking your speed and doing ...

Broadband drop

I have contacted you several times and still no help my internet is condtantly dropping since i joined you I can’t even watch tv without it dropping its getting annoying and ridiculous now I’m getting no help whatsoever please sort this out or I will...

FAST 5364 - The Fundamental Flaw in WiFi Optimisation

Before a single line of code was written, WiFi Optimisation was doomed to fail in the manner that many of us are falling victim to; loss of connectivity for certain devices. The flaw is simply the assumption that all connected devices, once they lose...

csquared2 by Conversation Starter
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Hi, currently experiencing issues with our internet, unsure of the specific issue but suspecting it's the router. When powered on, the router is constantly stuck on flashing orange.Ran a line test through the service centre (Fault reference REP-11346...

Menesh by Chatterbox
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router keeps dropping internet

my fibre broadband keeps losing connection whether via wi-fi or wired connection, i have tried resetting the router on numerous occaisions including leaving it disconnected for over an hour, the internet then takes 5-20 minutes to restart which makes...

Internet Connection Failure

I have Fibre 35 and a TalkTalk Sagemcom FAST5364-3.T8. A day ago I lost connection to the internet. I followed the online guidance, rebooting, switching off for 20 minutes, etc to no avail. I then had to wait 2 hours to chat with the service centre a...

Poor connection

I'm having trouble with my broadband.The router disconnected many times on Monday evening and night. Now the connection is a bit more stable but my upload rate is terrible and also I can hear noise on the phoneline. Thanks in advance for the help.

thrudda by Popular Poster
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Connection Resyncing

This was last an issue in 2020 and resulted in work on the exchange and line to the house, installation of a new master socket and a new router. It had been fine for a year or so and then I started to see occasional resyncs. However, over the last we...

"Ultrafast" Fibre 150 - Not recieving garanteed speeds for weeks

Hi Peeps, Just rasing some awareness on this as i see more and more posts regarding people not getting their guarateed speeds or even their minimum in some cases. We upgraded to "fibre" 150 probably 2 months ago now, engineer came in and installed th...

Gusto78 by Participant
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Recently moved from different ISP over to TalkTalk Fibre 65, received the new home hub, gave it a month as reccommended but consistently having the same issue until the router is reset to achieve decent speeds. The router in question is a DG8041W - '...

Constant Internet Outages Driving me Outrageously instane

I have had issues through mid2020- 2021 it was constant dropping and then same time of evening on a Sunday for 5 hours. Then I was getting 20mins- 3 hour outages randomly, couple of times a week. I've been getting similar running up of drops for 20-5...

Mjones22 by Chatterbox
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Sagecom router getting stuck

Over the past couple of weeks there's been a recurring issue whereby the internet connection drops and I cannot log into the router via the web gui to check what's going on. While in this state the LED on the front stays solid white, I can ping the r...

alecu by Team Player
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Status: Disconnected

Hello everyone, hope you are all splendid. I really need some assistance as I'm near the end of my tether. I've been offline since the 13/04 and after numerous support calls it was ascertained that a problem existed with the exchange. Cue friendly Op...

Fibre 250 Package Speeds problem

Hello, I upgraded my package from Fibre 150 to Fibre 250 on 22 April I was told to wait 12 days until the new speeds take effect However ,I am still only getting the old speeds ~150mbps I contacted support via live chat and they told me this is withi...

Internet connection down in York :(

Router is just flashing white and orange, no amount of restarts clears it. Fibre box looks fine, normal lights, just no connection to the network. Anyone else experiencing this?