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Weak Security Warning on Applie IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Range extender

Hi,I put a post on av few days ago about using a second router in my shed . I thought I had it sorted, but it has caused alsorts of issues with the wifi in the house. I have decided to try a renage extender using a powerline adaptor.I connected it al...

Trenchn1 by Team Player
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Modem adapter has failed

My adapter for the openreach modem has failed can you get replacements or will I need to get a new modem as well? I'm having to use an adapter from something else which is how I found that it was the adapter why I'd lost all connections as no electri...

wenipeny by Participant
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WiFi - No internet and dropped connections

Hello, We have had the same router from Talk Talk for a couple of years now and have noticed some strange behaviours. These have started to crop up with ever increasing frequency now so if anyone can identify a way to stop them that would be great. O...

Using a second router as a wifi extender.

Hi,I would like to use a spare router I have as a wifi source for a garden shed.I know I can do this using poerline connectors and by making some changes to the router.I did this succesfully bvefore a few years ago. Unfortunatley I cannot find a dece...

Trenchn1 by Team Player
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Router offline but showing online

Hi,Starting around two weeks ago, my talk talk Wifi Hub router keeps on failing everyday. Its front LED keeps showing white but it does not deliver any internet connection to any devices in the house, wireless or wired (ethernet or powerline).The onl...

Oliroques by Popular Poster
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Slow internet through ethernet than wifi

I'm getting 8mbps download and 9mbps upload on Ethernet direct connection and powerline adaption but getting 40mbps and 20mbps on Wifi, but it keeps dropping on both. How can I get this fixed ??? I need a direct ethernet connection to work as we are ...

Mjones22 by Chatterbox
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Set up Sagecom FAST 5364 as extender using powerline

Hi there, I have 1x Sagecom FAST 5464 (main router)1x Sagecom FAST 5364 (proposed extender)2x Tenda PLA I would like to set up the attach the Sagecom FAST 5364 to the second PLA in a bedroom that doesn't currently get very good wifi. My understanding...

Powerline Ethernet affects wifi extender

HiI have the Sagemcom FAST 5364 router and a Netgear EX7700 Nighthawk X6 extender. This setup generally works fine (only had to reboot a couple of times in the last 8 months or so). Recently however I have also started to use a couple of old DEVOLO p...

Using a TP-Link WiFi Extender

Work have purchased for me a TP-Link AV1000 to boost the wi-fi signal. It is plugged into the Talk Talk router and the works laptop has now got a stable internet connection. However, we are experiencing some problems: 1) Mobiles connected to either t...

Wifi extender kit hassle

Due to poor wifi in the lounge (router is upstairs) , T/Talk sent me out a a D-Link DHP-W611AV extender kit which did boost the signal ok.Then one day all the lights on the extenders flashed and went off , my son " know it all Simon", said to bin the...

rob1246 by Chat Champion
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Home Network

I’m having problems with my home network. My set up is Windows 10 PC in upstairs study. Talktalk router downstairs connected to TP-Link AV600 Powerline. AV600 in upstairs study plus AV600 in upstairs bedroom. My available networks show Talktalk route...

brooksie1 by Conversation Starter
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No power to router

Hi there. I have had no power to my router for days now. I have tried a different 12v power cable, but this has not worked. I'm at an absolute loss on what to do now.

Miak91 by First Timer
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Broken router power cable

 Hi all,the power cable of my router is broken, I’ve tried to contact you but your customer service is closed during the weekend. I’ve been two days without internet and I work from home.Can you please send me a new power cable or a new router. Thank...


VDSL compatibilty profiles

I have a fibre 65 package showing 70+/20- when connected and I'm assuming it's VDSL 樂 which raises a question about compatibility/co-existence settings on my Devolo 1200 powerline network.Firstly, then, is my TalkTalk network VDSL? And, then, if it i...

Spurious Static Router Connections

I have a HG635 router running SW v1.06t. I notice that LAN devices shows some unexpected static connections to my ethernet. The MAC addresses do not seem to correspond to any of my devices. I am using TPlink powerline to extend my network. If I remov...

mkc73 by Chatterbox
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Moved to another house

Hi, so I don't have the internet at my house. so we moved in to our new house but we don't have internet even they said our line is on i've got confirmed on gmail that line is fine but we don't have internet and i don't know what to do when i go to o...

b399160bd09c5a3d86cdb11573e838c4.png help.png
Furiosic by First Timer
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WIFI Dropping Out

For the last 10 days the WiFi has been dropping out. I keep getting two messages when this happens, either "Password Incorrect" or "Authentication Error" We have had two power cuts in the same period. I did think it was because the router and in line...

Power line adapter stopped working

I bought the power line adapters when I got my talk talk package a few months ago but since Saturday it has stopped working The home icon just flashes red and sometimes green but I can't get any apps. Nothing else in the house has changed and I have ...

Bufferbloat/Packet Loss

I am hoping someone can help me with some packet loss issues I have been having for about a week now. It seems to have a strange pattern of going 1%,3% and then 5% which makes me believe it could be hardware related? I have done a fresh install of wi...

megmog29 by Conversation Starter
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Packet Loss Issue

I have had packet loss issues since friday. Called Talk Talk on this and they suggested that I upgrade my package (money grabbing much) not only do I not get the speeds I pay for but I am still having packet loss issues. I was sent a new router which...

megmog29 by Conversation Starter
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Fibre 500 Slow, Powerline Not Working

Afternoon,Upgraded to fibre 500 just over a week ago.Since then my talktalk powerline booster/extender output dropped to approx 3Mb a second on ethernet cable and slowed the entire wifi down.With the extender unplugged wifi seems to improve speeds bu...

j0n00000 by First Timer
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