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Get expert support with your Fibre connection.

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Weak security warning on AppleIOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Internet Unusable - Extremely Slow

Hi, the internet is unusable. The upload has been reduced to 0.18mb and this is the actual sync speed. I have done a line test on Friday 16th which identified a fault - It said Engineer is on the way to the exchange. Fault Reference: REP-14000281 It ...

jamesk89 by First Timer
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High latency issues with FTTP 1GIG Internet

Hello fellow TalkTalk users and forum members,I'm reaching out for advice and assistance regarding a significant issue I'm facing on my TalkTalk's internet service.On January 18, 2024, around 00:20, my internet connection went down for about 1 hour a...

TheNewb by Chatterbox
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Horrible dl/up speeds

Can you finally fix the issue after 3 months? Or is engineer still on the way to fixing it? Everytime I'm being told it will be fixed but nothing happens. NO ONE TURNS UP.

Sanjyee by First Timer
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100% packet loss

Hi I'm having problems with my internet my Xbox shows 100% packet loss when I do a speed and statistics test. I have a family with Xboxes who are on talktalk and are also having the exact same problem, if I take my Xbox to my brother's mum Xbox shows...

Deanr86 by First Timer
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60 minutes minimum every time

Not long ago I made two separate calls of over an hour, freezing my butt off, due to the room with the router having no heating! Going around the houses we decided to go with the engineer call out route. Obviously I had to agree to the £75 call out f...

UITA23! by Popular Poster
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Poor connection

Internet is disconnecting around once a week for 1hr+ before coming back online, download speeds also seem to be fluctuating a lot aswell. please help thanks

Constant packet loss / packet delay over last 3 months

Hello, i have raised this with talktalk support about 50 times via live chat, had a talktalk engineer visit and test the house wiring, and cabinet to house, ive had an openreach engineer visit and test the exchange to cabinet, and cabinet to house, a...

traceroute.png Packet loss today.png speed today.png speed last 7 days.PNG
Ssmith46 by Participant
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Ongoing packet loss issues (up to approx 15%)

Since approx mid Dec I've been having packet loss issues, which is impacting video calls when working from home and gaming. I have spoken to people via both chat and Twitter/X and frankly that's generally a waste of time as people don't appear to be ...

Ezza1 by Whizz Kid
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Internet consistently dropping and poor speeds

Hi All, I have been experiencing an issue recently where randomly, throughout the day the internet will go off. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to go off and stays off for 2 minutes. However most of the time it is on for maybe 5 minutes or so before tu...

Unstable internet

HelloMy internet has been unstable for the last 2 weeks, this is the first time I've been able to get to this page because the site never loads.Please can you sort this out?I've tried all the suggested fixes, nothing works. The constant outages have ...

lynne14 by First Timer
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Router rebooted by power cut causing latency

HiI just got back from few days away and I believe a powercut caused the HUB to reboot probably something went wrong as I have a higher ping that I just had before. Router interface was not even responding well and I have reset the router which seem ...

norbo by Whizz Kid
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Latency increased on line

Hi TalkTalk I've just noticed that my line's latency has increased (it would do this overnight occasionally but revert back). This seems to have stayed and I was wondering if this is a sign of issues down the line or increased contention?Can someone ...

TalkTalk 20ms.JPeG TalkTalk Jumping ms.JPeG TalkTalk After Aug 22 2021.JPeG TalkTalk Before July 13 2021.JPeG
the1bandit by Conversation Starter
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Fibre/WIFI Issues

Hi, I’ve been having issues with my fibre speed. My Broadband speed has decreased from a consistent 37mbps (max that my package provides) to 29mbps. This currently below my minimum speed guarantee of 31.9mbps. Although 29mbps should be plenty enough ...

TalkTalk Speed Test.png Router xDSL Stats.png
freweyni by Conversation Starter
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5ghz dropping and can't reconnect

Hi folks, I'm here as a last resort having gone through talktalk webchat 4 times over the last few months. I'd be grateful for any advice. As the title suggests, my 5ghz connection keeps dropping. When it drops I am unable to reconnect until a router...

Connection has slowed down and latency has increased

Hi all, I've recently noticed a drop in connection speed of around 18-20mb download and a little upload too. My latency has also increased to anywhere between 25 and 40ms, it's up and down. I know that DLM has applied interleaving to my line due to s...

Fibre not working since installation

   Hi, I had Fibre 150 installed 6 Days ago and I have not been able to connect to it via my Eero 6 or my old talktalk router via the Red WAN. Openreach have been out and checked its all installed properly but apart from that no one seems to know wha...

20230416_140124.jpg 20230419_205909.jpg Screenshot_20230416_134852_eero.jpg
MickyB93 by Popular Poster
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Frequent drops

Hello all, I have had great support here in the past with connectivity issues so thought I would ask about my current problem. For the past week or two, I have suffered quite frequent drops. Some are small enough that they are only noticeable when pl...

oibara by Participant
  • 13 replies
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My connection dropped to Kbps in both upload and download. I have reported the fault on 15/03/2023 and there is one entry that says resolved and the other still in progress. I am not sure when the fault will be resolved or if I qualify for aut...

Screenshot (6).png Screenshot (11).png

Slow Speed, High Ping and Jitter

For quite a few days now my Fibre 65 has struggled, with speeds maxing out at around 30Mbps and often in single figures. Right now I’m at around 6Mbps download and 0.6Mbps upload! I’ve also noticed from an Ookla speed test that the ping and jitter ar...

lpowelllap by Conversation Starter
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Resolved! Fibre 65

Why does my fibre spend 90% of the time at below 10 mbps. Repeatedly tried for answers. Could it be the huwei router they said I don't need to change?

andycp by Popular Poster
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