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Weak Security Warning on Applie IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Low speed and disconnections

Hi TT Team, Had a few issues of late; disconnections and slow speeds.I'm getting a rock solid 25Mb speed on a line that was easily capable of 60Mb when it was going well. The online diagnosis detected faults recently.OpenReach came twice. Second time...

guerilla by Team Player
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Service issues, again.

Once again we are having ongoing issues with your service. Since there is no obvious way of contacting you to discuss this, here I am once again writing to your forum. Two/three weeks ago a BT engineer visited and ensured us the router was the cause ...

annrob by Chatterbox
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Fibre 65 - yet again

This latest part of the saga began on Friday, when my connection dropped to under 1Mbps. I couldn't find the chat service and there were no direct contact details, but after getting no response on Twitter I finally received a reply via a message to T...

Labrat by Problem Solver
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internet keeps disconnecting after upgrading to 150 fibre

Hi. Since i upgraded my broadband for 150 fibre about 3 months ago i keep having a lot of disconnects every day. They last from 1 to 5minutes. Once it was disconnected for half of the day.Its connected by wire and i have both talktalk wifi hub 2 and ...

demorell by Team Player
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WiFi optimisation appears to be still working.

Can WiFi optimisation please be turned off for me.WiFi Channel optimisation appears to still be working on my router.Channel 1 and Channel 36 are useless to me because they are so congested. I am so frustrated with this feature, could it be completel...

Please turn wifi optimisation off on my router again.

MY router crashed last night and it needs wifi opimisation disabled again. I have just had a new Sagen router delivered after the old one failed.These routers seem to be very problematic with the new firmware. Could WiFi optimisation be permanently d...

Poor connection

I'm having trouble with my broadband.The router disconnected many times on Monday evening and night. Now the connection is a bit more stable but my upload rate is terrible and also I can hear noise on the phoneline. Thanks in advance for the help.

thrudda by Popular Poster
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Connection Resyncing

This was last an issue in 2020 and resulted in work on the exchange and line to the house, installation of a new master socket and a new router. It had been fine for a year or so and then I started to see occasional resyncs. However, over the last we...

"Ultrafast" Fibre 150 - Not recieving garanteed speeds for weeks

Hi Peeps, Just rasing some awareness on this as i see more and more posts regarding people not getting their guarateed speeds or even their minimum in some cases. We upgraded to "fibre" 150 probably 2 months ago now, engineer came in and installed th...

Gusto78 by Participant
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Losing connection at midnight and below guaranteed speeds

For the last 4 days, I lose connection exactly around midnight and then my speed gets below 40mbps - way down the guaranteed speed. Normally I get around 70-75mbps. Testing the line from my TalkTalk, opens an issue saying there is a problem with my l...

Yuxel by Popular Poster
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Dead line, so no phone or broadband

Line went completely dead yesterday and while I got a text about waiting three days ( or 72 hours - why not just use days?) after the vicious (and expensive in terms of mobile data) cycle of testing te line, my dashboard is incorrect as neither phone...

Resolved! Service centre shows router upgrade needed

My wi-fi signal keeps reducing. Using Service Centre, test my line, it shows my router needs software update. I have contacted live chat (fault reference REP-11294871) and reset the router several times. The signal still reduces and the test result s...

Ganger by Conversation Starter
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My connection keeps dropping

Since last night my connection keeps dropping not sure what changed but cannot keep and active connection on wired line. Can some one please look into it it's been a long time since Ive had issues and I've got nothing but praise for my service. Regar...

mauTT by Team Player
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Internet connection and Router help

Have had an issue with my internet connection dropping, reverted back to the Sagecom router but recently that is losing internet connection every so often, so normally I turn it off for 10 or 30 mins. Switched to the Huawei router, which was supplied...

Dave.S1 by Team Player
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Unstable VPN

I am connected to a Pulse Secure VPN system via my Windows 10 work PC. My VPN connecting keeps dropping often. I have a eero 6 system with extenders. I noticed my mobile drops connecting sometimes as well. It is quite annoying.

Sagemcom Modem not connecting and line speed erratic

The TalkTalk Sagemcom 5364 router disconnected from the Internet around 3-4am on 25/04/2022 and wouldn't reconnect. It would flash amber for a long period then flash white 5 times then reboot repeatedly. I tried a TalkTalk Huawai DG8041W and that con...

Tony B by Team Player
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Resolved! Difference between "Online" time and DSL "sync" time

Hello, What is the difference between "Online" time on the router dashboard and DSL "sync" time in the advanced router settings? I'm suffering a recurrence of an issue I had almost a year ago, where my fibre speed drops to sub-5Mbps in the early hour...

Router dropping devices off

I requested, and received, a new router, as my old one frequently dropped connection to my security cameras. Since installing it, the situation is worse not better. Not only are device drops more frequent, requiring router resets, if our phones and t...

Fibre 150 G-Fast getting really slow

I have been having problems for around 4 weeks with the speeds on my 150 fibre, have twice called Talk Talk and on each occasion gone through the various steps and questions. I am running daily dashboard checks on the line and speed checks, the graph...

Internet Dropping out (

Hi, We have been having internet drop outs for the last month. Before this issue started the internet has stable (150mb down and 30 up) with no dropping. Now we have 4 to 10 drops a day where are internet goes off for 2-5 mins and reconnects back at ...

kenney29 by Chatterbox
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Loss of internet connection

We are getting intermittent loss of internet connection, often detected by a laptop, tablet or phone which displays a message quoting the router ID. Also reception of catch-up TV on our TalkTalk box is frequently interrupted and I am wondering if the...

plodder by Team Player
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RE: Do I have any options to upgrade my tin phone line? (Fibre 65)

Hi all, Happy Easter Bank holiday weekend! Just curious, I've been with TalkTalk for many years now and here on the forum I've always had the help I've needed with issues that have arose. About 3 years ago TalkTalk agreed to send an engineer to my ho...

Vysey by Team Player
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Broadband dropping during streaming

I've been on Fibre 65 for while but last few months it is constantly dropping out on all devices. Makes watching streaming services impossible. This is several times a day.After several chats with TT and multiple line tests nothing has been found.I'v...

WiFi HUB device capacity

So I have a talktalk WiFi HUB black thing with little pull out stand probably a couple years old. What can this support in figures for device amount we have a lot.of devices and I'm having trouble with connection dropping out I'm assuming it's the ro...

Sky Q (main box) internet connection intermittent

I have SKY Q multiscreen; One main box & one mini box.The mini box keeps disconnecting from the main box, despite having a constant & ok network & internet connection.When checking the settings on the main Q box, the network status remains good, BUT ...

t5pilot by Team Player
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