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Weak Security Warning on Applie IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Good alternatives to hg633 router?

Hi everyone, I've been using the supplied hg633 for years now and I'd like to try something else. The wifi doesn't seem as good as other routers and port forwarding doesn't always work (in addition to being a headache to set up). Any recommendations?...

dennisjs by Popular Poster
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No WiFi in evenings

Hi. Every evening from about 6pm there is no wifi connection. I have tried to sort this out but I'm getting nowhere. I'm paying for a service that I am simply just not receiving. I'm not a technical person so I have no idea what to do. I have tried r...

Grace9 by Newbie
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Please disable WiFi optimisation on my Sagemcom Fast 5364 (again)

Since the firmware on my Sagemcom Fast 5364 was upgraded to SG4K100136, it appears that the WiFi optimisation feature has been re-enabled on my account (this was previously disabled in July 2020) as the automatically selected channels (2.4GHz: 1 and ...

alanl8 by Popular Poster
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WiFi Optimisation

Hi My Sagemcom router recently did a firmware upgrade and it would appear that WiFi Optimisation has turned itself back on. I have multiple Wireless Access Points and have manually set them up on optimised channels after doing a detailed site survey,...

Resolved! Please stop changing my router's wireless channel AGAIN!

I posted this issue a while back and it was resolved, but it is now happening again! The wireless channel on the TalkTalk WiFi Hub (Sag...

WiFi optimisation appears to be still working.

Can WiFi optimisation please be turned off for me.WiFi Channel optimisation appears to still be working on my router.Channel 1 and Channel 36 are useless to me because they are so congested. I am so frustrated with this feature, could it be completel...

Fibre 65 is worse than dreadful at 1.4 Mbps

I think I've been with TalkTalk for at least twenty years and in all that time have rarely had a single problem. That is until being switched to Fibre 65, which becomes unusable every day in the evening. My computer is in exactly the same place and s...

Labrat by Problem Solver
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FAST 5364 - The Fundamental Flaw in WiFi Optimisation

Before a single line of code was written, WiFi Optimisation was doomed to fail in the manner that many of us are falling victim to; loss of connectivity for certain devices. The flaw is simply the assumption that all connected devices, once they lose...

csquared2 by Conversation Starter
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Please turn wifi optimisation off on my router again.

MY router crashed last night and it needs wifi opimisation disabled again. I have just had a new Sagen router delivered after the old one failed.These routers seem to be very problematic with the new firmware. Could WiFi optimisation be permanently d...

Internet Connection Failure

I have Fibre 35 and a TalkTalk Sagemcom FAST5364-3.T8. A day ago I lost connection to the internet. I followed the online guidance, rebooting, switching off for 20 minutes, etc to no avail. I then had to wait 2 hours to chat with the service centre a...

Fiber Installation

Hey allI recently had some work done in my property today, to get TalkTalks fiber service installed. The engineers installed the OTN box with no issues and I was told id only have to connect the red ethernet cable I got, with my updated router a litt...

Elswicka by Repeat Guest
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Disable Wifi Optimisation Request

Hi a few months back you disabled the wifi optimisation on my line as it kept changing my channel causing problems for my security cameras for some reason it has been enabled again.. i understand if i reset the router i will have to request it again ...

5 GHz wi-fi Chanel doesn't stick

In short, if I change the channel to 56, which is empty, overnight it'll switch to 36. Channel 36 has 11 other networks on it according to a wi-fi analyser app, so as you can imagine, the performance is poor. Why does the channel selection setting no...

WhatsApp calls blocked from today

Starting today all calls from and into WhatsApp are no longer working. The error says that the WiFi is preventing calls from WhatsApp.Could you please help.

Wifi optimisation

Hi, it appears my router firmware has been upgraded however the WiFi optimisation appears to be back. I requested it to be turned off previously and all was fine until the firmware upgrade. Please could you disable the WiFi channel optimisation again...

oloolo by Conversation Starter
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7 days without Internet - Over 6hrs on the phone.

Hi My Router stopped working 7 days ago (1 day after talk talk done a firmware update on it due to it not connecting to my VPN for work). Since then I've spent over 6hrs on the phone with an extremely incompetent customer service team apart from 1 gi...

Router software requires updating

My account shows that I need software update for my router. Is this done remotely? Could you give an indication when it will happen?


Resolved! Wi-Fi Optimisation

Since the latest software update to version SG4K100136, my 2.4G Wifi channel selection keeps changing from channel 6 to Channel 1, which causes interference problems from my neighbours Wifi.Can you please turn off Wifi optimisation for me again, plea...

Kately by Whizz Kid
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connected to network but no internet connection almost daily

Almost daily when I try to use my wi-fi devices Talktalk informs me that they are connected to the network but no internet connection. My only fix is to switch the router off and back on again.I am having to do this almost daily and some times severa...

Router channel

Hi I had to reset my router to solve an issue, can I get the router channel changing re-enabling? There's some preferred channel setting that's back again. Thanks

Wi-Fi optimisation back on?

Hello again, I think the Wi-Fi optimisation has been turned on since my Wi-Fi Hub's firmware upgraded to SG4K100136, the 5 GHz in particular switches back to 80 MHz width rather than staying on the channel/width I chose! Could this be turned off agai...

Disable Wi-Fi optimisation please.

Hi. Please can Wi-Fi optimisation be disabled on my router. Wi-Fi optimisation was previously disabled, but my Internet connection auto reset early this morning and, as a result, Wi-Fi optimisation was enabled. I guess this is the default setting and...

Wifi 6 - what router would TalkTalk recommend?

Hello, I'm thinking of getting a new router. My current router is a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub which does a good job but it does not support Wifi 6. What would be my best option? The property is a two bedroom flat -- not that large. Many thanks.

ALJOBI by Popular Poster
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