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Weak Security Warning on Applie IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Please disable WiFi optimisation on my Sagemcom Fast 5364 (again)

Since the firmware on my Sagemcom Fast 5364 was upgraded to SG4K100136, it appears that the WiFi optimisation feature has been re-enabled on my account (this was previously disabled in July 2020) as the automatically selected channels (2.4GHz: 1 and ...

alanl8 by Chatterbox
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FAST 5364 - The Fundamental Flaw in WiFi Optimisation

Before a single line of code was written, WiFi Optimisation was doomed to fail in the manner that many of us are falling victim to; loss of connectivity for certain devices. The flaw is simply the assumption that all connected devices, once they lose...

csquared2 by Conversation Starter
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Hi, currently experiencing issues with our internet, unsure of the specific issue but suspecting it's the router. When powered on, the router is constantly stuck on flashing orange.Ran a line test through the service centre (Fault reference REP-11346...

Menesh by Chatterbox
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Faster fibre

Hello , my faster fibre contract is at an end , I still plug into the BT master socket . I was offered by email to go an a ‘new matching faster fibre’ contract …. If I went on this would I just carry on with my present router or would it be an openre...

podski by Chat Champion
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No Internet

Hello, My devices are not connecting to the internet. I have run a line test and a speed test and everything ‘seems’ fine but nothing is connecting. Everything is set up as it should be and I do not turn the router off at night. I have previously rep...

On-going fault

Ref: REP-11303590Just want to let you know that my connection is back-up.

Dead line, so no phone or broadband

Line went completely dead yesterday and while I got a text about waiting three days ( or 72 hours - why not just use days?) after the vicious (and expensive in terms of mobile data) cycle of testing te line, my dashboard is incorrect as neither phone...

NO INTERNET - Sending a BrightSpark engineer? Is this a joke?

I woke up today to no internet, TalkTalk router has flashing orange light. Spoke to live chat, spent 3 hours. Asked me to do all sorts of time wasting tasks, such as turn the router off for 20 minutes, then back on, check the wires are still plugged ...

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777GE90 by Team Player
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Job not finishs

Good morning as the open reach engineer has turns up on 05/04/2022 to connect my line didn’t finish the job correctly and been told he will coming back on Friday 08/04/2022 but never came back to connect the socket to the wall ! home tel *removed per...

Internet off since last Wednesday

A digger damaged the cable to our property last Wednesday. Its not on our land but I've seen the damage. TalkTalk seem unwilling to accept that the cable is damaged and point to an exchange issue or a fault in our property. It definitely is not this....

Nickcl by Team Player
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Fibre Upgrade - Wrong Address

My fibre upgrade was due today but the Open Reach engineer had been given the wrong address so couldn’t install anything. I’ve just checked my account and my address and postcode are correct, so not sure what happened.Could somebody look into this an...

JC-74 by Chatterbox
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Poor Speed To Device

I am getting below 10mbps every single day, throughout the day, not just at peak times. I also turn my router off and on again EVERY SINGLE DAY as it gets so bad. Cannot load simple Web pages or watch TV episodes the buffering is that insufferable! I...

No external cable & no engineer

We were supposed to have an engineer come round yesterday to set up our new broadband but they didn’t show. The service went live last night but the router can’t connect, most likely because the external cable is broken. The helpline told me an engin...

bandel by First Timer
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Just joined talk talk, email says I need an engineer?

Hi guys. Just signed up for talk talk broadband fibre 150, switching over from sky. I have direct fibre to my home already via a master socket fttp. I was with BT, when I switched over to sky I didn't need an engineer I just had to plug in my router ...

Installation Date - It would be nice to know

Having had the OpenReach engineer just turn up and try to install my Future Fibre cable and fail. I am wondering when they may reappear. They need to dig up a shared drive and I need to provide notice to the other users of the drive. The last visit w...

trb143 by First Timer
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Fibre fault

if it helps, the openreach job reference is REP-11125978Hi, about 6 weeks ago I received a message from talk talk saying the service in my street was being upgraded from copper to fibre, at no extra cost to me, arrangement’s were made and I booked a ...

beakerav by Participant
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Fibre 65

My contract is ending and I have been prompted to upgrade to Fibre 65 which seems a good deal, but then said an engineer will be in touch to install. Why? I can do this by myself unless Fibre 65 is FTTH and in that case, my building's management won'...

waiting for fibre cable to be connected

engineers came on 15th of march to fit and install fibre , but could only fit the boxes as a council owned tree needed trimming to fit the cable.Still waiting for them to return and complete connection.called talktalk on 17th as engineers said they w...

khutton by Chatterbox
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Upgraded to Fibre 35 when our line can't support it

We were offered the free upgrade to Fibre 35 a few weeks ago. Sounded great until the day of the switch when the Openreach engineer called to tell me the switch had happened but that we cannot receive fibre at out property. Apparently there is fibre ...

Durks7 by Team Player
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Contract about to end and engineer failed to turn up to upgrade my contract is due to end in a few days I was notified about this in advance, I contacted them in Feb to upgrade from Fibre 65 to Fibre 150..My router turned up, but on the scheduled engineer day, he never arrived (despite me having tak...

Damsel by Popular Poster
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Engineer unable to complete future fibre installation

Engineer turned up today to install future fibre but was unable to complete due to neighbours car parked over man hole which they needed access to. The neighbour is working away. Tried ringing for a new appointment but nobody answering the phone. Can...

Carlosp by First Timer
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Poor Internet speeds, engineer issues, no one to talk to - HELP

I've called customer service now on multiple occasions relating to me speeds being way below what they should be. I'm on the 65Mbps package yet receiving approximately 25Mbps with 0.55Mbps upload speeds which is diabolical. I've already had one engin...

Jgssteve by Team Player
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Future fibre

Engineer came out to upgrade fibre but didn’t ask for upgrade said I didn’t have to take it which I haven’t will I be charged.

Sanlubo by First Timer
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