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Weak security warning on AppleIOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Change of Account Name

I've just joined TalkTalk but my account name has been entered wrongly. How can I change it? The only option I see is for a downloadable form with proof of the change but the error is not mine. Thanks.

I can't Connect my 2.4Ghz BBQ Thermometer To Eero Router

Good evening.Sun's out so it's BBQ time.I have an Inkbird IBBQ-4T WiFi BBQ thermometer which works on the 2.4Ghz band. Before going full-fibre, I had two networks with different named SSIDs for the 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bands. So, when I wanted to use the ...

paullus by Whizz Kid
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Eero secure not enabled with my account

Hello, I have Fibre 900 for almost one year now and recently I need to activate the parental control using the eero secure option and it is not available on my app, when I click on my discover tab, only the "Amazon Connected Home" and "Eero Labs" opt...


McAfee/Microsoft "virus" pop ups

I am getting constant pop ups claiming to be from McAfee/Microsoft windows saying my computer is infected and prompting me to scan for viruses, or click to remove virus now When I do a SuperSafe scan it invariably finds a threat but is unable to clea...

adray by Newbie
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IP address

I can get into some of the apps You don't have permission to access "" on this server.Reference #18.23f61002.1713381802.206e0c87

Resolved! Why does Talk Talk only offer city fibre on full fibre?

I’ve had a BT engineer installing fall fibre to my premises today, but when I phoned up to upgrade to full fibre Talk Talk team only offered a package with city fibre. Why don’t they offer openreach full fibre which I would prefer. it looks like when...

prescol by Enlightened One
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Dose HomeSafe works with third-party router?

Just wondering whether the Talk Talk home shield works with 3rd party rooters which are not TalkTalk, as I have a TP link mesh system and I’m wondering whether I’m still protected with home shield or whether I need to buy their security package.

prescol by Enlightened One
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Eero and Network Infrastructure

THe Network Infrastucture listed in my PC network settings - now says Eero 6 since I had fttp installed. Clicking on this simply takes me to Eero USA website - which is useless lto me! How can I get link to the actual hardware attached to my network?

BillW73 by Sightseer
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Digital Voice

I'm writing on behalf of my 89 year old mother who lives alone and is severely disabled. She is still on Fibre 35. She does not have a computer but does have a pendant alarm. She is worried that she will lose her telephone connection at some time soo...

Changing Contracts - Time Lapse between Finish and Start

My current contract with Talk Talk finishes on 12.04.2024 and my new contract with Talk Talk starts on 18.04.2024 - I just wanted to speak to someone who can reassure me that I will not get cut off for the 6 days inbetween. I am disabled and totally ...

ONT Green yet no Internet

The Fiber ONT Box is lit all green yet Eero is reporting offline tried a different router that's actually decent yet no dice. This is absolutely ridiculous I can't even run a connection test because the website is too dumb and keeps saying I have 2 l...

MRXFX by Visitor
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Disabling/opt-out of CGNAT and/or requesting a static IP ?

Please see these posts on Reddit and the LTT forums for some more context. Reddit post 1, Reddit post 2, LTT forum post.These have a lot more context, and especially in the comments there is a lot more info as the posts developed. Here are some usefu...

No Microsoft Remote Desktop or Network Drives

I'm unable to access any of my network drives or even log in to my server using Microsoft remote desktop.This all worked perfectly with my old Asus router, however since switching to TalkTalk Wifi 2 Hub, FAST5464 1.00 Version SG4K100174. this seems t...

Upload speed much faster than download speed

I am currently seeing a throttled upload speed of 16Mb/s (all good so far), however download speed is extremely limited (and limiting) at only 1 or 2Mb/s, regardless of whether the device connected to the router over ethernet or Wifi. I have gone thr...

Lurgius by Visitor
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Disgrace of a company

What an utter joke this company is. I have tried complaining by email but the response is so poor I don’t even know if the complaint is registered or not. I have had no internet since Monday because some idiot from openreach damaged my cable while th...

cberr81 by First Timer
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No connection after 27 days

Hi, hoping to get some advice here. I've moved properties, took my router with me as advised. My go live date was 01/03/2024. I have no Internet still. I've had 4 engineers out, most recent was today. He told me there is no issue issue with the cable...

Phone cable detached from side of house

The cable has detached from the side of my house (the fixing bracket looks broken) and is dangling in the wind between house and pole (but connection still working). From my understanding, this is the responsibility of OpenReach but I have to contact...

reynot by Participant
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I would like to reduce my monthly cost of broadband if you are putting the price of what I pay up. Or I might leave and go to a cheaper broadband

Order number

HelloLooking for my order number if anyone can help please

Do I really need the 4k hub?

My contract will soon be up and I need to rethink my options. Do I need to stay on TalkTalk -currently Fibre and little chance of seeing Full Fibre at my address - our move to, say, Zen? (‘Which?’ liked them)If I stay with TT, is there any point in p...

Hosting a website locally - Restrictions?

I have a website and using Apache to create my own web server. I have it all configured with port forwarding, but cannot access it using my public IP address. Can anyone tell me if there are restriction on hosting a website on your own machine and ma...

Blocked website

TalkTalk has suddently started blocking web access to a number of websites that I use daily. These are all on the same server / IP address. How do I get this block removed and normal service restored. The sites are: https://www.scottishgl...

30 Day notice.

Hello I have contacted Talk Talk 4 times in a week.Each time i have given notice then been told it cannot be given but someone nees to call me back.I had this years ago.Any chance of accepting my notice?Im well out of contract.Please help, or it will...

Problem log in to my account

Hi I have a problem with log in to my account after few mistakes password was changed and I still can't log in to my account. I tried on few devices and see this :We have detected suspicious login behavior and further attempts will be blocked."

Hera23 by First Timer
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Resetting an additional router's password.

Hi all,I've been given a spare TalkTalk WiFi Hub (Device Version DG8041W-2 T5) but I can't access the admin page as the previous owner seems to have changed the password or username. I want to add the hub to my existing network hub (FAST ...

Tarl72 by Chatterbox
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