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Weak security warning on AppleIOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Cannt access to Remote Desktop

Hi Debbie, I have received my new router from Talk Talk today in the hope that it will work but i still cant get access to Remote Desktop and because of that i cant work from home and also recently missed my exam (and lost my exam fee )which is requi...

Renewal 03/08/24

TalkTalk New ContractI have renewed, but you changed the renewal date to 29/6/2024 from 3/08/2024. I would like to know when I will be receiving my new router because the old one keeps coming up with connected no internet. Open reach have been to see...

Cindy8 by First Timer
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Router DG8041W restart kernel panic

Router details: Device Type: DG8041WDescription: EchoLife DG8041W Home GatewayHardware Version: I.1.01Software Version: v1.05t Router is restarting regularly, sometimes multiple times a day with a kernel panic alarm. 1981-01-01 00:00:10 [Error][Alarm...


I just got a set of BT Wholehome Premium and it does not work with talk talk. They work with Vodafone fibre (my sister home) and BT fibre (my brother home) but not Talktalk (my home) so it's definitely Talktalk router.My router detailsSerial Number: ...

TLedinh by First Timer
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Resolved! Kernel Panic Attack.

I have a TalkTalk Hub DG8041W running V1.05t and recently have been having problems with crashes and the error message that I can see is "Kernel Panic Attack". Could you please upgrade me to firmware V1.06t I thought my router had been updated a year...

TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub version SG4K100174

For maybe 7 or 8 months now various posts all saying same thing, when you log into the router and try to get into advanced settings you get logged straight back out. Despite clearing cache, using desktop or laptop or iPad, whatever you do it still ki...

Light settings on WIFI Hub

How do I turn on/off the light on my WiFi hub, I get to WiFi hub settings through then I logs out

Firmware update

I am currently using a DG8041w router and the software version is 1.05t from 2018, my old router used to update quite regularly how can I get this router updated ?

Jem66 by First Timer
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Dropping connection

My internet has been dropping for the last few months and constantly causes issues it also seems to not work properly with the ps5 as when I try to run 5ghz on the ps5 it refuses to connect also I think the issue maybe with some sort of a firmware up...

Huawei HG635 - Keeps on Resetting to Factory Defaults

Hi All, I have a problem with my HG635 router in that it keeps on resetting itself to factory defaults, which is rather annoying as I have to reset its IP address, DHCP server & port forwarding due to the continual resets. I also don't use the Talk T...

Chrome - Screenshot 2024-04-06 094513.png

Router firmware

Where would I check if I have the latest firmware? I have Version:DG8041W-2.T5 

Please can you push an update to my router please?

I have a FAST 5364 3.00 running GUI 5.100.1 and Firmware SG4k100174 It keeps rebooting. I guess the firmware is old and so pobably the first thing to check. Can an update be pushed to it or do I need to donwload an image and upload it myself? Thanks

Router DG8041W restart kernel panic

Router details: Device Type: DG8041WDescription: EchoLife DG8041W Home GatewayHardware Version: I.1.01Software Version: v1.05t Router is restarting regularly, sometimes multiple times a day with a kernel panic alarm. 1981-01-01 00:00:10 [Error][Alarm...

skilly28 by First Timer
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Router Randomly resets every so often. Attached Log

Router Info: Device Type: DG8041WCPE Description: EchoLife DG8041W Home GatewaySN: 2153035991QUL5130706Hardware Version: l.0.01Software Version: v1.08tLog entries that I believe indicate the problem: 2024-02-24 22:56:12 [Error][Alarm-Log] AlarmID:104...

Internet constantly dropping due to firmware update

My house for the past couple days had been having problems with our internet connection dropping intermittently. I went onto TalkTalk and live chatted with the support team yesterday afternoon, who told me to reset the router. It worked fine for a fe...

DBrannan by Team Player
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DG8041w Kernel Panic Version v1.08t

I had a custom firmware on my router following repeated drops a couple of years back, it seems that this has been updated today causing panics and restarts every 2-3 min.. how do i get this reverted please? Current Version on the device is v1.08t

Why does TalkTalk block links

Can anyone help if I do a Google search and press to enter one of the links I get an error which it won’t let me access the site. Is there something I need to turn off to allow the links on legitimate sites like Tesco etc?

Storm10 by First Timer
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Hello,I am having trouble setting up port forwarding on my router it appears to be tempremental, I managed to get it working before, but it doesnt seem to be working now. The router is a D-Link-DSL-3782. As the router is very old now and i am having ...

croul by First Timer
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DG8041W Kernel Panic reboots

I have been experiencing regular reboots on my DG8041W router. The user log shows it restarting after a kernel panic. This is happening 3-4 times a day. The router is on software version 1.05t. I notice there is a version 1.06t which is supposed to a...

DaveG45 by Chatterbox
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Connection between Modem and Router dropping

Hi. My Internet is going down constantly. I thought this was a supply problem at first. But the "Broadband" light on my modem is lit up constantly, with the "WAN" light going dark with a flashing orange light on my router before going to a light that...

Agent47 by First Timer
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New HUB2 Wi-Fi 5g not working

I was recently sent a new HUB2 router after going fibre to the premises. 5G does not work at all, I renamed it to have its own SSID but it won't show as an available network to connect to. By default (same 2.4g and 5G having the same SSID name) all d...