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Privacy warning - This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Weak Security Warning on Apple IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Resolved! What download overhead should I expect?

Been on Fibre 35 for a number of years with 40mpbs router connection and 37mbps throughput when measured on a PC connected via ethernet. Just renewed on Fibre65 and router has increased connection to 50.3mpbs but the throughput is the same at 37mpbs....

Tim5230 by Team Player
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Download speed capped

I sync at 80/20 but I am unable to achieve a download speed of much above 60Mbps, I should be able to achieve 70 or more so I am wondering why my download speed on TalkTalk's side is capped? Can this please be removed so I can download faster?

Gigabit by Visitor
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Disable WIFI optimisation

Hi, Can someone disable WIFI optimisation on my router? The switching of channels is becoming more of an issue, I guess it is due to more devices in the near area. There is cleaner/empty channels (80mhz wide) high up in the 5ghz channels, but when se...

kenney29 by First Timer
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Fibre 65 Speed Drop since loss of power

Originally I was on the Faster Fibre product with Speed boost and speeds of 80mbs were promoted. I was pleased to have had a stable router sync connection of 75mbs for around 12 months without a single drop. On the evening of December 21st the power ...

Speed to your router 27-12-2021.JPG

Slow connections in the evening and morning

Dear All Can you please check from you side what is going on. I been monitoring the speed for upload and download for evenings after 20:00 and earlier mornings from 05:00 noticed a huge drop on speed as whole.. can go down to 4 MbpsNot sure why this ...


Wifi Channel keeps changing

Hi, I'm trying to stop the router from automatically changing the channels on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands. I called customer service but they had no clue what I was talking about. 2.4ghz keeps choosing more congested channel 6 but needs to be on chann...

s9bsk by First Timer
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latest firmware

Dear Sir/Madam Please confirm if these are the latest and most stable firmware on my router Hardware Version FAST5364 4.00Software Version SG4K100130GUI Version 5.6.1 if not, please do e-mail me so I can update it. Many Thanks

Faster fibre to Fibre 65 download speed not matching

As you can see it says here 50.8 Mbps down and 17.3 Mbps up. Yet with my speed test I'm only seeing 37 Mbps down this is while the internet is not in use by any other devices and I know what I'm doing while checking the speeds. Before renewing the co...


How to measure FTTP speed at router, not at my PC ?

Today I got the FTTP installed. The engineer demonstrated 570Mb download on a laptop, but I didn't see what he was connected to. I would like to see what the router gets, not what my PC gets. My old EE router had a page that showed the current up/dow...

Buzby by Whizz Kid
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Bonded Lines vs Pay to install fibre to door

Hi Just a query. I have come across a no of providers willing to offer bonded lines and also leased lines and arrange for fibre to be install to front door.Does TT offer anything similar?I noted old treads but they were nearly a decade old. So sorry ...

ohms111 by Team Player
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Synch speed keeps dropping by ~25%

Hi all, For past few weeks I've been sometimes noticing a sizable decrease in speed when more than 1 of us is using Netflix etc. On checking the router on these occasions I've seen that the synch speed has dropped from it's norm of around 42Mbps to 3...

braindeed by Conversation Starter
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Talktalk doesn't know Sync Vs throughput

I've been having broadband speed issues for the past month and unfortunately it's gone on this long because the advisors I've spoken to don't seem to understand the difference between sync and throughput speed. If they could understand the simple dif...

Engineer to fix sync but lost 30% download

So somewhat irritating. BT engineer was sent out to fix sync issue with line but now I am only able to get speeds averaging 50Mbps. Annoying because I have been getting full line rate (fibre boost) since I joined TT over10 years ago. Its most definit...

Somewhat by First Timer
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Can an old router handle Fibre 150 ethernet-only?

Will an old TT/Sky router with a WAN ethernet port be powerful enough to NAT 150 Gb/s from the ONT to gigabit ethernet? I'll turn its Wifi off and use another AP that feeds off it.I'm assuming that there's nothing special the Eero6 does RE authentica...

Terrible Speeds and Latency Everyday...

Hi, Been with talktalk for awhile now. but for the past 2 weeks my internets stability has been terrible.. My ping to a EU server constantly spikes to over 500ms for ages... my speeds drop, everything becomes unusable.. Trying to use LiveChat but cur...

kaekae by Popular Poster
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bought fibre 65 got fibre 38

Hello I have been with you once again since February this year.I have had the fortune to be a customer of yours since CPW on and off either my or my partners name, 20 years or so?I explicitly came back to use this broadband land – fibre 65 for gaming...

Upgrading to Fibre

Hi,I have been a talk talk customer for a couple of years now.I have recently moved to a new address and got told there was no fibre in my area, so i got sold a awful internet package. Well today i found out there was fibre in my area and currently b...

Kieran92 by First Timer
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Fibre 150 now slower than guaranteed speed

Hi, When the service was installed, had a connection rate of approx. 146/26 Mbps. Each month this has slowed down to now being under the guaranteed speed. Tried powering off the openreach box for a while and rebooting network equipment but speed rema...

sevenofx by Team Player
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Throughput problems

Hi, I've had lots of issues over the last month or so with my connection, 2 Openreach visits, but I'm still having issues. The problem I have today is a bit different to previously, today the router is staying in sync ok. However my throughput seems ...

Skynet_TX by Community Star
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Slow wired Broadband speed.

I'm currently getting poor Broadband speeds.We've recently had a 48hr broadband outage in the street (About a week ago). Since the service returned I have been getting very poor performance.The Talk Talk website says I am getting 35mb to the router, ...

WiFi issues

Hi. I'm having issues where Internet connectivity keeps dropping out on some devices. The devices remain connected to the WiFi, but there is no throughput. Restarting the router fixes this, but it's becoming more of a common occurrence. Having to res...

Kiss20 by Chatterbox
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Ethernet specs to carry fibre signal to router

Hi all, I am looking to get Talk Talk Fibre as we now have FTTP, it was due to be installed today but due to technical difficulties in getting from entry point on external wall to the understairs where the router/gigabit switch is, I would need to co...

FTTC VDSL DLM sync reset after replacing internal home wiring

Can somebody please reset our sync profile, we used to receive 80Mb however after 1 month of intermittent drop outs the connection has been downgraded to 55Mb. An Openreach engineer has visited and could not find the (intermittent) fault - he did res...

aciid by Team Player
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Fibre 65 well below minimum speed

I had faster fibre for the passed 18 months and a couple of weeks ago started to get less than 10 mbps download where minimum guaranteed is 60mbps.After hours of checks with technical support and three talk talk engineers to my home plus one BT engin...

AndyB71 by Popular Poster
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