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Get expert support with your Fibre connection.

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Weak security warning on AppleIOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

Privacy warning - this network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Wifi dropping

I am constantly having issues with my wifi. When watching Netflix or Prime or Youtube on TV in the same room as the router I am finding midway through programmes or films it starts to slow down showing the buffering icon and then an error telling me ...

DebbieM7 by Popular Poster
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Slow Speeds on Devices

Hi, I've been with Talk Talk for a while and getting pretty miserable speeds. It's been lower than what I was promised to the router and the speeds to the devices is abysmal. I was promised ~39 Mbps and am getting 34 Mbps with only 2 Mbps download/3 ...

sgohagan by Popular Poster
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Need new modem

Hi over the last 2 weeks my modem keeps dropping out and losing connection randomly. The last 2 days it's been dropping out every 10 to an hour and now nothing. Trying to speak to a human is impossible the automated voice keeps telling me to check on...

No intrrnet

I have been without internet since thusday eve and getting no information from talktalk

Constant packet loss / packet delay over last 3 months

Hello, i have raised this with talktalk support about 50 times via live chat, had a talktalk engineer visit and test the house wiring, and cabinet to house, ive had an openreach engineer visit and test the exchange to cabinet, and cabinet to house, a...

traceroute.png Packet loss today.png speed today.png speed last 7 days.PNG
Ssmith46 by Participant
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Internet speed to device is status: POOR

Internet speed to router is good (78 Mbps), however speed to device is poor (47 & 17 Mbps download and upload respectively). What are the likely reasons for the poor speed to device(s)? At the moment if we are watching a Netflix film for example and ...

GAM60 by First Timer
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Why so many drop outs?

Hi Guys, I keep having to reconnect my Sky box to my network. It’s usually every evening when I want to watch On Demand, but tonight I’ve had to reconnect it twice. Openreach recently laid a new 60 plus metre cable and reconnected my landline, which ...

Fibre150VolP - Terrible service

We opted for the fibre installation a few weeks ago and the changed our contract for the faster service, imagining it would be super-quick, stable and mean better coverage across the house.In short, ours has been abysmal since we upgraded...!!!So far...

PeterTate by Popular Poster
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Hi please can you turn off WiFi optimisation please, as it doesn’t optimise anything for me! - keeps resetting my WiFi channel back to 1, the same channels as several neighbours, resulting multiple drop outs. many thanks 

Waxl360 by Chatterbox
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ITV X app appears to have installed and has taken the place of ITV1 HUB app, the problem is can not launch itv x to stream and will not perform catch up, all other apps do.

glynnman by First Timer
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Old router?

Hi all, I have been a customer of talktalks for many years. My current router is the HG633 model.I've had issues with speed and connectivity for about 2 years but each time I speak to someone they sa there's no issue. I thought it may have been the h...

Vickytom by Popular Poster
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Streaming video stutter

Hi, I'm getting major problems with streaming video stutter when watching Netflix / Youtube & Gaming on PS5. Restarting / rebooting the TalkTalk Hub router does not fix it. Download & Upload speeds remain pretty constant but the Ping is all over the ...

Bnic11 by Team Player
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Resolved! upgrade to 4k box

Hi there Hoping Karl or somebody else perhaps can help with this query. I have requested to take the new 4k TV box as part of a contract refresh. I understand that I will lose the Youview Plus recording ability but that a Firestick or similiar would ...

BenWarwick by Conversation Starter
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Fibre/WIFI Issues

Hi, I’ve been having issues with my fibre speed. My Broadband speed has decreased from a consistent 37mbps (max that my package provides) to 29mbps. This currently below my minimum speed guarantee of 31.9mbps. Although 29mbps should be plenty enough ...

TalkTalk Speed Test.png Router xDSL Stats.png
freweyni by Conversation Starter
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Fibre not working since installation

   Hi, I had Fibre 150 installed 6 Days ago and I have not been able to connect to it via my Eero 6 or my old talktalk router via the Red WAN. Openreach have been out and checked its all installed properly but apart from that no one seems to know wha...

20230416_140124.jpg 20230419_205909.jpg Screenshot_20230416_134852_eero.jpg
MickyB93 by Popular Poster
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Line issue

I have reported via the online portal via network test a fault 3 times now.Each time the fault clears (assume done). Same issue with very very slow internet speeds so run another check only for it to tell me there is a fault and it is being dealt wit...

debbiec by Whizz Kid
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Slow internet connection

HiOver the last couple of weeks my Internet has been going really slow to all devices in the house. I have tried to raise the issue multiple times but am getting nowhere. I believe my router is the issue as the same thing happened 3 years ago and a n...

TerriL by Popular Poster
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Internet is not working AGAIN

This is by far the worst internet I have ever had. It does not work. Connection on box is white. Says it’s connected fully but does not work. I have missed days of work because of this. This isn’t the first time it happens and it seems you are using ...

Adelel by Participant
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Am I being blocked ?

I need somebody from Talk Talk to tell me if you are blocking me from watching content from Channel 5 in the UK.I can reach the top-level domain of the site to browse, but as soon as I click the 'Watch' button I get nothing. I have already contacted ...

Biomechanic by Conversation Starter
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