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Privacy warning - This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

This subject is involved & not knowing how much you know, or want to know about it, I will try to explain. When you type a website address URL in the browser this must be converted to an IP address, as the URL is not rotatable, only an IP address is....

Weak Security Warning on Apple IOS and Windows 10 or 11

Some Apple products have recently had an upgrade that can show the WiFi connection as having weak security:- iPad Software Version 14.01 - since the update to Version 14.0 it has shown Weak Security iPhone SE Software Version 14.01 -since the update ...

New netflix fibre 65 upgrade email

Several weeks ago I opted to change my package to the 65 with Netflix. Still not had an email to link my netflix account, plus I have a super safe boost 4 pound charge I don't want. Saying I still have an order pending so can't cancel boost.

DJ_Dodgy by First Timer
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Slow internet after upgrading to fibre 35

Hi i went onto offers last week and changed to fibre 35 as i was with fibre 35 before and its supposed to be fast but ever since i upgraded its been just slow internet speed while watching videos to streaming games on Twitch and its been also slow wi...


slow speed from router to device

Can anyone help me with that? I am experiencing low speed from few days ago now. I've tried everything. People from the chat were doing the tests but nothing helped and the chat was just ending in the middle of the conversation.

Adriana4 by Participant
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Line Test Speeds - Download/Upload Stream Problem - PLEASE HELP

Hi, I am currently struggling to establish Download/Upload Streams I was previously obtaining. I received a Huawei router to replace the Sagemcom router with the DNS problem, which due to personal circumstances I could not try until today. As soon as...

SteveyMc by Conversation Starter
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Wi-Fi Hub Black with Fibre-35.

My current contract with TT is Fibre-35 and I have the usual Huawei HG633 router. This router does not always perform well and seems to drop out or lose signal on occasions. I have tried various things to rectify this but nothing appears to work cons...

Fibre broadband

Been having terrible trouble with fibre latley can't download games on xbox one or play online gaming while my partner watches Netflix on firestick otherwise Netflix will buffer terrible or just won't work been like this for a long time now anyone el...

Feeling like I have been ripped off !!!!!

I renewed my contract earlier this year and was ( I can only describe ) ''advised'' to UPGRADE to the faster fibre speed and also cancel my Talktalk tv entertainment boost and replace this with a NOW TV ENTERTAINMENT package.....what do I think ???? ...

moorlander by Super Duper Contributor
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Access to BT Sport

I have 2 questions please.1. I want to watch BT Sports and was about to purchase this at £29 per month via my Youview box with TT. Now I'm seeing BT advertising a package for £25 per month. Is this the same set-up through the box? 2. Not entirely unr...

falconi66 by Conversation Starter
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Google Stadia Problems

Hello, I just had 500Mb FTTP installed a couple of weeks ago, and everything works great, apart from I have problems streaming games on Google Stadia. I've been using Stadia for a while including with my old ISP which struggled to hit 40Mb on a good ...

espbss by Chatterbox
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Finally Leaving TalkTalk !!

After 30 odd year I'm leaving TalkTalk, I've been a customer throughout the AOL/TALKTALK years, but finally after again having to spend weeks on the phone with TalkTalk after ever Renewal of my contract after a lose of download speed...I give up! I'v...

deasson58 by Popular Poster
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bought fibre 65 got fibre 38

Hello I have been with you once again since February this year.I have had the fortune to be a customer of yours since CPW on and off either my or my partners name, 20 years or so?I explicitly came back to use this broadband land – fibre 65 for gaming...

Upgrading to Fibre

Hi,I have been a talk talk customer for a couple of years now.I have recently moved to a new address and got told there was no fibre in my area, so i got sold a awful internet package. Well today i found out there was fibre in my area and currently b...

Kieran92 by First Timer
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WIFI does not connect to so many devices

I have been with talk talk for years and for about 2 years, we struggle to connect devices. Wired connection works as does TV's and XBOX but laptops and mobiles disconnect all the time and we struggle to load pages on phones ext..I have tried loads o...

JTJTJT by Chatterbox
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Hey all, Just got TalkTalk Fibre installed, and after 3 days of it working fine with no issues at all. Twitch doesnt work anymore, it will only load the homepage and all other sites that I go on dont fully load, icons are missing. But it did not do t...

NateP by Chatterbox
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Slow wired Broadband speed.

I'm currently getting poor Broadband speeds.We've recently had a 48hr broadband outage in the street (About a week ago). Since the service returned I have been getting very poor performance.The Talk Talk website says I am getting 35mb to the router, ...

Resolved! Faster Fibre dropping in evenings

I seem to be experiencing a similar issue to others …good speeds during the day (35mbps down, 6 mbps up) but come 19.30 the speed drops to around 1mbps down … up stays at 6mbps.all tests come back ‘clear’ and trying to get help with ‘technical suppor...

Upload speed

I'm barely getting 1mbps upload speed I can't stream smoothly I don't know how to fix it

Packet Loss and Other Issues While Streaming (upload)

Hi there, I've been having a fairly niche issue with my internet for a few weeks/months now and I'm not sure what's happening. Basically my partner streams on Twitch but despite our connection being stable and our download / upload speeds being well ...

Issues with NOW tv services

Hi, I have TalkTalk Fibre and have NOW tv as a separate service direct with them. For the past week, I have been having difficulties accessing the services of NOW tv via my TalkTalk fibre internet. First, the website. I can access the website on my l...

rjmachin by First Timer
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Internet being throttled

Hello all,Yesterday my Internet speed was extremely slow and again today. I'm on a 40mbps subscription and getting around 4-5 on the talk talk speed checker.After a painful 2 hours online chat to the technical team yesterday where all they did was re...

Screenshot_20210530-173231_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20210530-173311_Chrome.jpg

Packet Loss and Unstable + Slow Connection

Hello, I'm currently experiencing sustained packet loss with my broadband, as well as wireless and wired connections that drop out sometimes, with very noisy and variable speeds (never really reaching those advertised as part of the Fibre 35 package ...

Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 19.46.20.png
F1ALS by Team Player
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Most of the time my internet is slow.

   basically my internet connection are really slow, I use streaming apps thru my firestick tv, initially I connected it by wifi but it was always buffering/stoping so I bought the ethernet adapter so I could connect it by wired and the connections s...

E92A03F3-6E76-4B70-BFCE-2AE7F76A967A.png D4AFA4F5-CDF4-4502-AC96-EB149686BC39.jpeg FA84E8E3-6AFF-4AF0-A322-8428C3175E5A.png
Ianlucas by Popular Poster
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No Connection for Nearly 1 Week

I have had no internet connection for nearly a week now and unclear what it being done to sort. I spent nearly 7 hours on web chat with 3 members of staff over Thursday and Friday last week running several tests and being told all was fine, despite m...

Broadband Issues

Been having problems since we went on Fibre 150, Internet speeds both upload and download fluctuate. Download 20 -89, suppose to guarantee 103! Been on to them twice and yes you guessed it all ok their end, must be my end! Well I have changed nothing...

Thatcham by First Timer
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