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Wifi dropping

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I am constantly having issues with my wifi. When watching Netflix or Prime or Youtube on TV in the same room as the router I am finding midway through programmes or films it starts to slow down showing the  buffering icon and then an error telling me it has encountered a problem and cant continue. This is happening every other day and is becoming very frustrating. Can someone advise best way to have this looked at? We do not having gaming PCs or anything else that would be causing it to slow down.We use wifi for basic things only.


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Hi Debbie


Apologies for this.


If you contact our Loyalty Team then they can discuss a cancellation with you.






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Hi @DebbieM7 


The WiFi connection between any router of any make and your devices are outside of any ISPs responsibility. If the cause of your problem is not rectified and you move ISP, then there is every chance that the problem will still be there with the new ISP. You are more than welcome to take that chance if you want to.


However, with all aspects of WiFi reception, I can provide a lot of help beyond that of any ISP and I do not charge anything at all for my services. The only downside is that I only offer this to fellow TalkTalk customers. However, I realise that you have no idea who I am.


The information below is provided by TalkTalk, for confirmation please contact @Debbie-TalkTalk or@Michelle-TalkTalk.

KeithFrench is one of our valued Community Stars and can help with a range of issues related to wireless and networking. At times he may ask you to send him test results via a Private Message to help analyse/diagnose an issue. Although Keith does not work for TalkTalk, he very kindly shares his time and knowledge to help with others.

If you need further help or, if we need to take any details such as personal information about your account like phone numbers, account numbers etc. one of the TalkTalk team will jump in and help out.


If you do want my help, please let me know, the choice is yours.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
TalkTalk support and Community Stars - Who are they? 

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That actually seems like a lot of hassle to get basic wifi on the television in the same room as my router - would you expect people who are not computer or electronic savvy to do the same?!  Having read the threads it appears so many people have issues like this with Talk Talk. I do intent to find another supplier as I am getting very poor service and you also left me out of pocket last week taking my direct debit earlier than it was due. 


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Hi Debbie


Thanks for your reply.


I've completed a line test and this hasn't detected any faults and the connection appears to be stable.


I have also switched the WIFI optimisation off to see if this helps.


It would be worth testing a few different wireless channels to see how the connection compares.


Change your wireless channel


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We only use the wireless as our TV is on opposite wall in our living room.  

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Hi Debbie


I'm sorry to hear this.


Can I just check, do you have any wired connections? Are these experiencing the same issue or is this only affecting wireless?